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Would you please share the name of the clinic and contact person? thanks READ COMMENT

Hi judkt i decided travel with heal time etc was not a good idea had it done in Seattle/ A neck touch up got infected, freaked the doctor and he wouldn/t fix it. but recently had it repaired by another doctor. That part sucked but even... READ COMMENT

Hi I like you am looking for a good place to go abroad for a face lift. In part its the money but as my son is a doctor i want him to see his options outside the US as our medical/health system is so messed up. Doctors squeezed... READ COMMENT

Hi, this is my first choice also. I have a new doctor in the family (my son) and thought that asking him to come along on a semi vacation/info gathering trip after his residency would be great; and the $ no more than a facelift in... READ COMMENT

Hi secrets, The names of doctors and clinics are important there a problem with that? The only way this is useful is by being specific, as whole countries or clinics shouldn't be branded by that "bad apple" cliche. Thanks djb READ COMMENT