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A New Booty to Come!!!! - Miami, FL

Well ladies two weeks two days ago i had a breast lift along with breast augmentation in miami fl. and so far i am pleased. right now i wish i would a cup size bigger. but when all is said and done i should have a 38 E=F. now my journey begins with getting a brazilian butt lift! super excited. i always had big boobs. but never had a nice butt. i decided to go with DR. hassan with Vanity... READ MORE

42 Years Old 3 Kids.. 2 Breast Fed. 5"9. 165pounds.. - Miami, FL

Always had fuller bigger breast.. been a size D for over 20 years.. breastfeeding took a toll on my nipples and my Ps suggested I get a lift and of course implants were up to me. So I went with 550ccs and 580ccs..since im 5'9 165 pounds and already a full D.. I'm thinking I should have got at least 750ccs to really make a difference. . Two weeks post op pics.. Two weeks post... READ MORE

Questions from tonyarl72

What size will I end up being and what medicine is good for my incisions?

I had a breast lift alomg with implants.. 550ccs and 580ccs,, saline filled.. before my surgery i was a full 38D,, im 5'10 and weight 165 pounds.. my ps had concerns of going... READ MORE

Confused about my size?

I'm 5'9 160 pounds. I am 2 weeks post op. I had a full D to start with. I got a breast lift along with 550ccs and 580ccs saline imolants under the muscle. why do i feel and... READ MORE

What doctor should I go to in Florida for brazilian butt lift? (photos)

5*9 165 pounds and interested in getting a BBL.. how long is down time? And looking for a great PS.. I was told about vanity cosmetics in miami and coral gables cosmetics. Any... READ MORE

How many ccs of fat will I need to get a full round butt? (photo)

Wanting to achieve a small waist, flat stomach and of course a full round perky butt.. maybe some curves added volume to my hips.. is it possible. Im 5*9 170 pounds.. bmi under... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for my Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am getting a bbl soon. im 5"9 170 pounds. im getting my full abdomn full back waist and arms lipoed/ will that plenty enough for at least 1300 ccs in each butt cheek and 200... READ MORE

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift 2 wks ago, happy with my results but want to go bigger. How long should I wait for round 2? (photos)

It has only been two weeks since my bbl surgery.. and I am happy with my results so far.. I just want an even bigger butt.. I know I probably dont have alot of fat.. but... READ MORE

I'm almost 43 yrs old. I've been doing Botox & fillers for about 4 yrs. Any suggestion for something permanent? (photo)

Some have told me I'm too young for a facelift. Yet others have told me it's better to do. It before my face ages a lot. I've researched the mini facelift and don't think its... READ MORE

What procedure is best for me? Should I consider a facelift at my age? (Photo)

Hello I am 43 years old. Feel like I'm 23. Noticed fine lines around my eyes in my late 30s. And around 40 the skin under my eyes became more hollow. I do get Botox injections... READ MORE

What is the normal? (photos)

Hello I'm 43. And are looking into a facelift, in the future. But now want to do some fillers.. I need underneath my eyes done. The hollow part. My jowl area needs some and... READ MORE

Still not completely happy after fillers in the tear trough area and lips. What do you suggest? (Photo)

Hello I am 43 years old and recently had some fillers injected in the tear trough area and my lips.i like the results but don't love them, I think more could have been injected... READ MORE

Which filler would you recommend and which is more effective between Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin?

Hello, right now in my life for being 43 years old i feel great and i think i look pretty good . but of course we all have things we"d like to change. the thing that bothers me... READ MORE

What do you think? Facelift/neck lift? Fillers and Botox or fat transfer? (photos)

43 but feel like I'm 23. The past few years I've noticed less volume, for the record I think I already have a thin face. The upper eyelids stand out along with the tear trough.... READ MORE

How many ccs of fat will make a descent amount of difference in the hip area?

I had a bbl a year ago and it turned out great! but now im wishing i would have gotten some fat transferred to my hip area as well. just so it looks more natural, any idea as... READ MORE

3.5 weeks out of fat transfer to my face! What do you think? (Photo)

I'm 43. Originally wanted upper n lower eyelid lift and neck n face lift! I sent my pics to several doctors. Finally went to see one in person, and he said I absolutely did not... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift , can it be done 3 times?

I got my first bbl in april of 2014. had good results, but felt i needed more projection so 6 months later october 2014 i did a second bbl and i though my butt was as close to... READ MORE

What can I do for fuller lips?

My lips are small, but I want fuller lips. I have tried restylane. it lasted mAYBE A WEEK. I have tried fat grafting, once the swelling went away, my lips were back to normal.... READ MORE

How does my face look? (photos)

Hello I'm almost 44. I had fat transfer to my face 6.5 weeks ago.. At first I loved the hollows of my eyes, and lips.. But now just about all of the lip volume went away, and... READ MORE

What can or should I do for lifting, volume and brightness of my face? (photos)

I'm almost 45. This thing called aging is really depressing me. 1. Under the eye area is dark n puffy.. Jawline area, has loss of volume. And the whole face shape is becoming... READ MORE

What can I do for better skin, tighter, even toned and of course younger? (Photos)

Hello I'm 45. I take great care of my skin now. Stay out of sun n wear sunscreen..use a great skin care regimen. I do chemical peels on a regular along with microneedling, and... READ MORE

Recent comments from tonyarl72

U have an awesome body! and may i ask what size breast that you have? and when u did your bbl 2, where did the doctor get your fat from? and was it a substantial amount? READ COMMENT

That im not sure. but definitely try to see him before operation day. i got my arms lipoed a few weeks ago not a whole lot was taken out but it looks weird underneath now. READ COMMENT

I stayed at the extended stay in doral. its maybe 10 minutes with traffic. they can only take 5 liters of fat out. and if u have any loose skin on your inner thighs, please do with caution. lipo on thighs can make skin more saggy. READ COMMENT

Margaret was also my coordinator. and once she got my money i never heard from her again. lies, and ripped me off. READ COMMENT

Your lips look good here. i too have spent too much money on fillers, that never last i tried fat grafting. that too disappered. now im looking into lip implants or silikon 1000. READ COMMENT