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I Want to Know What Happened During my Rhinoplasty Surgery? Is There Always an Operative Report, Even with Turkish Surgeons?

My surgery was 4 weeks ago. I hade a crooked nose and wanted it straight without any changes. Before i hade a wide and more bully nose, now it seems to be thinner and narrower.... READ MORE

I Dont Trust my Surgeon. Therefore I Dont Know What Was Made During my Rhinoplasty Surgery (4 Weeks Ago)?

I have reasons not to trust my surgeon. Therefore i dont belive he is telling me the truth. He knows that i didnt want to change the shape or anything expect. 1.making my nose... READ MORE

My Nose Looks Different Depending on How Far I Am from the Mirror, And Depending on Shadows and Light?

It have been 4 weeks sence my surgery. Im so unhyppy and depressed about my nose, no matter if im far or close, if there is shadows or not etc... But when i see myself in the... READ MORE

WIll my Nose Fill out with Time? It Thin and Narrower Now.

I did not want to change anything the shape of my nose. I hade a little bulbys nose shape and liked it. Now it is thinner and narrower. The only thing i wanted was to have my... READ MORE

Have The Dr. Removed 4 Weeks PO, Something Or Can This Possible Be Because The Skin Has Not Drape It Original Place Yet?

Thanx for you time to answear us! Accourding to my doctor no tissue,bone, cartilage etc.. has been removed. My nose was crooked so he broke it at their bases and made it... READ MORE

4 Weeks PO, What Different Can This Make To A Dropped Tip?

My nose has still another shape, can it be because of the bands & cast. "To straighten the deviated bones, I just break them at their bases. For the swelling I put bands... READ MORE

My surgeon used ostotomies to make my nose straight. But will i now keep the same shape of the nose as i had before surgery?

Can u make ostotomies to traighten the nose but keep the old shape? My nose now look very pinchy (4 month after surgery). My surgeon as he said did not remove anything or... READ MORE

My surgeon used osteotomies to make my nose straight. 1.5 months PO, nose asymmetrical, how to fix?

After osteotomies there is no much right on my right side. It is like my left side is to flat. i have not much left of my nose on the right side. Like extrem osteotomies on my... READ MORE

Aggresive osteotomies I think. My nose is now thin, narrow and smal. It makes it look long?

Hey! After my crooked nose was fixed with osteotomies, my nose is now like a long separate feature. I would like the fullness back to make my nose and make it more seamlessly... READ MORE