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My Upper Lip Look Fat and Duckish! Help! Can I Do Something for This? Juvederm Used.

I hade juvaderm injected into my upper lip, marionette lines and under eyes. the thing that most worries me is my upper lip. I got it done at 4 pm yesterday and not it is 8 am.... READ MORE

Juvaderm Injected Under Eyes, in Lips and in Creases Around This Normal I Am Toally Freaking Out?

I asked the injector for "natural lips". This is what I have now...2 1/2 days later...I emailed the lady who did this and she said it will take 5 days for it to go down. She... READ MORE

2 Cc's Total: Under Eyes, Lips (Mostly Upper) and Smile Lines, Creases of Mouth. Hate It So Far! Will This Improve? (photo)

2.5 Days Now. I am horrified by the size of my lips, the swelling and pillows under my eyes. It has been 2.5 days now...will this really improve...? I cannot leave the house! I... READ MORE

Juvederm Day 3.5, Will Swelling and Bruising Go Away? (photo)

2 total ml injected. Less than 1 ml lips, rest around mouth, smiles lines and under eyes.  OMG look at my eyes! My injector said, oops I hit a vein under my right eye! At... READ MORE

Juvederm injected in lips and under eyes 3 weeks ago...This is the result. Lumps under eyes? (photo)

Doctor recommendations please? I know all the DR reservations for injecting juvederm under the eyes. I don't like the result, and yes for sure next time if I ever do this again... READ MORE

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Ahh, great question! I sure do wish I had...but that is not a possibility for me because I don't live in the US I am stuck with whatever local non MD's that we have in our area. They are fine for botox, it is real stuff... READ COMMENT

I personally know Dr Karam and while I have never had any work done on myself by him I do know someone who had a nose job done by him. I would not hesitate for ONE SECOND to get anything done by him on myself and not only does he have... READ COMMENT

That is totally the way to go! I have had both ways before, with and without cannulas...they are used by qualified and SMART docs with lots of experience...I have found the ones with less experience do not use them...But everytime it... READ COMMENT

Just wait it out..seriously...2 weeks sure some swelling with go away even most of the big swelling...but I have found that if you wait a full 1 - 2 months finally you will see that you have lips that you really love! Unfortunately it... READ COMMENT

My lips were done 3 months ago with juavaderm ultra and they looked ridiculous for 2 full months. I had less than 1 ml in my lips but they looked freakish and duckish. They have gone down a lot now but still have strange inside bumps... READ COMMENT