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How Long Will Touch Up Dose of Botox for Masseter Jaw Be Wore Off? I Dislike my Touch Right Result and I'm Very Depressed.

I've first received 20 units on each side of jaws in April 2013 and I liked the result so I went back to the doctor almost 3 weeks ago in Sept 2013. Hoping to keep the same... READ MORE

Can Acupuncture Help Simulate Nerve in Facial Muscle and Improve Muscle That Were Atrophied by Botox?

I have received touch up dose of 10 units (each side) 3 weeks ago and I did not like the result. The touch up dose kicked in way sooner than initial treatment (20 units each... READ MORE

Is it the worse it can be after receiving touch up botox in messeter/ cheek? is the botox effect at its peak now? (photo)

I've received botox touch up (12 units per side) 6 weeks ago but the result was bad. I believe the doctor was injected area above jaw instead of jaw muscle alone. The sunken... READ MORE