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Very Painful and Did Not Work

I got laser hair removal (Brazilian Bikini treatment) with the Cutera CoolGlide laser. At the time (2011 - 2012), I was told it was the newest and best laser available and was less painful than the previous lasers. I was also told that I would see permanent results in 5 sessions (for about $1200). Well, I had 13 sessions (spent around $3000) and I still have to shave every day. I also had 3... READ MORE

Thrilled with my results!

I lost 120 lbs and have kept it off for over a year and a half now. Unfortunately, like a lot of people with substantial weight loss, I have excess skin on my abdomen. I have wanted a tummy tuck for a while, but it took me a while to find a surgeon I was comfortable with and to save up the $7,750 for the procedure. Well I am about a month out, and I am getting nervous about it. My husband in... READ MORE

Questions from Dayna_

How do I know when a scar is mature? (photos)

Hi- I had a full abdominoplasty on Nov 9, 2013. I'm getting a tattoo in Sept that isn't meant to cover the scar, just distract from it, so it is going down the side of my rib... READ MORE

10 months post op Tummy Tuck, will widespread numbness resolve at all?

I had my full abdominoplasty with muscle repair (no lipo) on November 5 of last year. It is ten months later and I have no improvement with the numbness in my belly. From... READ MORE

Do I have "dog ears"? What are they? (Photo)

I hear a lot of talk about "dog ears" and getting them revised. I can never see what they're talking about. I have a longer scar than most, probably due to me being a massive... READ MORE

What is a "scar revision"? Would it change any of my irregularities? (Photo)

When I was healing, I kept pulling the middle of my incision apart (see picture) & it healed in a wide dent w/irregular edges. I also have a spot on my right that is about a... READ MORE

Is there any way to fix this "dent" where my scar is? (Photo)

My TT ended up being flatter below the scar than above. You can see my 6-mo "official" post-op pic my PS took (solid dark behind). I was underweight then & I still had a dent... READ MORE

Update to question about "fixing dent." (Photo)

Almost everyone seemed positive about fixing the dent. I went to make a side-by-side before/after (I am 15 mo PO), and look, I had the dent before. Perhaps it's not fixable... READ MORE

2 years Post-op, widespread numbness, does it really matter?

Hello, I asked a question when I was 10 months PO and had widespread numbness and was concerned. Some told me to go see my PS. I didn't, I thought it would just go away. 2... READ MORE

Discussions started by Dayna_

Did anyone have the TT which also tightens the inner thighs?

I am sure there is a medical term for it, but I am having a TT with MR (no lipo) and my PS said he would be doing a procedure that would tighten the skin on my inner thighs. I... READ MORE

Recent comments from Dayna_

My advice is do not go back to the tattoists that are avoiding you and your questions. Even if they think that someone is asking too many questions or nit-picking or whatever, you took that job knowing there would be people that are... READ COMMENT

I thought Monzzz was giving helpful input, actually. There is a LOT of "I didn't realize it at the time," and "no one thought to tell me???" tattoo regrets. I haven't had your particular struggles, so I don't think I am qualified to... READ COMMENT

Scar is looking nice! READ COMMENT

I think if your goal was volume more than anything else, then you achieved your goal. congrats on the weight loss! READ COMMENT

WOW! Great results! Thanks for updating! A lot of people abandon their reviews after a few treatments, now people can see the end results if they stick with it! Maybe the secret is give 'em all the cash upfront!!! ;) READ COMMENT