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After a Breast Reduction when is It Safe to Return to Work? I Am a Flight Attendant.

After a breast reduction when is it safe to return to work? I am a flight attendant and I spend 10hrs plus, 5-6 days in a row.. In the air. I have my arms out stretched a lot,... READ MORE

The stitches are has become very red and smelly. Is this infected? (photo)

Under my right breast, where the stitches are has become very red and smelly, isn't healing as well as my left breast which looks a lot cleaner than my right. It's also oozing... READ MORE

Breast reduction 5weeks post op: is this an infection? (photo)

This is under my right breast , my left breast seems to be healing very well, while the right side is looking quite raw and red. And there is a definite smell and oozing. Is... READ MORE