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Is a Capsulectomy Medically Necessary? What is the Risk of Not Having It?

I had 24 year old implants removed 2 months ago. In the last couple of weeks, a hard knot almost the size of a small lime has developed near the top of one breast.My PS... READ MORE

What can be done to remove the hardness at top of breasts after explantation?

I had 25 year old implants explanted 14 months ago. A couple months later, there was hardness at the top of each breast. Mammogram showed little change from the previous one... READ MORE

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You will do just fine! I had mine removed after 28 years or so. They were saline with silicone exterior. I had them removed in the office with a local and a valium. It really wasn't much of a big deal at all. Didn't feel anything. The... READ COMMENT

I had similar situation of hardness in both breasts developing after explantation. PS didn't think it was fluid after trying to aspirate it. That was last year. Mammogram and ultrasound show nothing. It's been a year with no change.... READ COMMENT

Please ask your PS about the the chances of the cavity filling with fluid or the scar tissue not dissolving. Unfortunately that happened to me so I have a hard area at the top of each breast. Mammogram looks fine so now I need a... READ COMMENT

Interesting. My PS never mentioned using compression. I am scheduling a mammogram. Hopefully it will show whether the large lumps ate fluid or scar tissue. Hope it's fluid that can be drained. I think you will be very happy. Keep us... READ COMMENT

I removed mine at 58 not because I had any health issues but because I just grew to hate them. They were large and made me feel fat. Follow your instincts - I immediately felt so much more honest somehow. I also had them removed under... READ COMMENT