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Gutsy No More :)) TT with BA and Thigh Liposuction - British Columbia, BC

Well. And so it begins. I've been obsessively searching this site and haunting the profiles of dozens of women over the past month. I am and will remain ever so grateful for the experiences they shared with me. I feel moderately more prepared but perhaps a little more freaked out than when I started looking. So much to think about. Ok I'll start with me. Why am I doing this? Because I work... READ MORE

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Is it possible one of my implants has leaked?! One breast is soft and flatter, the other high and firm. (photo)

Ok, so here's the problem. Before surgery, my right breast was slightly smaller than my left. So slight I didn't actually realize it until my PS pointed it out. I have a 300 cc... READ MORE

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Pooh that's way to soon to be off the painkillers, ugh :(( I tried that, too, at about five days. Had a Miserable day, took a painkiller the next day and just felt wonderful by comparison!! Just don't take any Friday when you get up?... READ COMMENT

Your results are really spectacular! I hope all is going well for you :)) READ COMMENT

Wow, I have been out of the loop. I'm so sorry to read about the loss of your Mom. That's such a tough thing, I think, no matter how prepared we think we might be. Your pics are looking so great, your TT scar is beautiful! It's so... READ COMMENT

Your back will feel better soon, I promise! I recall that being one of the worst aspects of the pain I was in post op. Sorry your bf is being so unhelpful. I hope that settles down soon, they have No idea how much work a lil baby is.... READ COMMENT

Well, haven't I been outta the loop! Congratulations on your successful revision work! What a helluva journey you've taken. Looking Fabulous, now though! xo READ COMMENT