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Definitely do lots of research, and agree that you are best going with your gut feelings. I went to a PS friends recommended, but switched to another one who was a little more expensive, but felt so much more comfortable with -I just... READ COMMENT

I have something similar; I'm just about 1 month PO and all the swelling seems to have migrated south! I understand the fluid "catches" above the scar which could be the cause. But I still have the "bulge" in the AM when the rest is... READ COMMENT

Thanks jodico- sending happy healing vibes your way! READ COMMENT

I am 16 days out and no loose skin; my problem is more that my belly feels tight by the end of the day when the swelling is the worst. I didn't have loose skin for a full, though I did get the muscle repair that is done in a full( One... READ COMMENT

Looking fab! So happy for you that you have gotten such great results! I'm 15 days post from mini with muscle repair, but also have lipo on my flanks (no matter how much I worked out, it wouldn't go away post pregancy!). How is your... READ COMMENT