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Diane...What a roller coaster you have been on! I'm in the same boat and wonder how you are doing? Is it possible to leave the deflated implant in place? I'm afraid i'll be deformed/concave if I remove everything. Don't want... READ COMMENT

Amyberg; I know what you mean re/ being hesitant to have elective sx. Me too! What procedure did you have on your neck? That area is so important and I am encouraged Dr vargas helped you. She sounds great. Are your results holding... READ COMMENT

Jp...I am very happy for you that you are so pleased w/ your results! Congradulations!How long did the fat injection swelling last? I've read so many horror stories re/ permanent lumps, bags, etc; after F/T...especially in the eye... READ COMMENT

Hope all is still going well for you & all explanters! Love that most are feeling confident even though they didn't fluff much & boobs are now flat, stretched out a bit. MY QUESTION....Would you still feel as confident if you were... READ COMMENT

Congratulations and so glad you are happy w/ your results! What has the reaction been from friends who see you now? How long did the swelling, pain, bruising last? READ COMMENT