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Early 20's Restylane for Lips - Coral Gables, FL

Unfortunately i don't have a before picture because i kind of did this on a whim. My upper lip was bigger than my bottom lip. Since i have a long prominent jaw I felt that i would look better if my bottom lip was filled in. I was sooooo nervous, i've never had injections before. I was scared I was going to come out looking like those duck face girls, especially being in Miami, lord knows... READ MORE


So it begins. I've always had big hips and a big butt, but after losing 35lbs my fat came off all wrong. I'm currently 113lbs. I've tried everything from gaining weight to building muscle, to cardio and toning and none of these give me the results I am looking for. So, hellooooo plastic surgery to end my body battles. I don't even care. With all the money I've spent on gym memberships,... READ MORE

Questions from hipdipsadness

Is a Facelift a Good Option for 22yr Old Who Lost 35lbs?

Ever since i lost weight i feel like my face and body are sagging. especially my eyelids and cheeks. I lost weight hoping to look better, like my old self, and i just feel like... READ MORE

Solution for inconsistent eyelids that often change shape and size? Blepharoplasty an option? (photo)

My eyelids change shape and size nearly every morning. One day they will be droopy and small and the next day ill have my full pretty big lids back. They have been more droopy... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift for very petite girl looking to fill in hips and upper bum. Am i a candidate for a bbl?

Am i a candidate for a bbl? I have that weird dent in the upper sides of my butt. I would like a bigger rounder juicy butt with more projection and bigger hips to balance me... READ MORE

Bbl safe for younger person in the long run?

I have heard that wherevr you receive lipo, youre less likely to gain weight in. As a 22 yr old considering a bbl, this concerns me knowing our bodies change as we grow. If the... READ MORE

Fat transfer to hips on thin patient?

I had a consultation with a doctor for a bbl. A big concern is adding fat to my hips because my upper thighs stick out more. He said he couldnt directly add to my hips because... READ MORE

What are my options in a bbl to even out my thighs and hips? (photo)

So as you can see in the photo, my outter thighs protrude more than my hips and butt which gives an unsightly view from behind. Ive always had big thighs and dont want to... READ MORE

What procedure would be best to change eye lid shape for someone in their 20s? (photo)

My face is quite long too so i feel bigger eyes would help balance it out. i feel I'm constantly raising my eyebrows to give me a wider eye lid and fresher looking appearance,... READ MORE

Canthopexy or Canthoplasty to make eyes appear wider? (photo)

I feel the inner corner of my eyes are very small giving me a slightly angry/tired look. I would like for them to be more open and bigger, maybe more turned up at the corners... READ MORE

Will widening my arch with damon braces widen my jawline/face too?

I have quite a strong/long jaw that i'm not really a big fan of, however, my smile and dental arch is very small. To balance it out, I am looking into getting damon braces to... READ MORE

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Thank you for your review. I was considering an ipl for my acne scars but after reading your review I am deciding not to take that risk. I'm sorry you went through this experience. My heart goes out to you. READ COMMENT

Yeah i have tried not to work out because im afraid of losing volume. it's scary, you want to work out and squat and tone but you dont want to lose fat. drives me crazy. thank you for the kind words and tips. xoxo READ COMMENT

Thank you girl! i hope so too. i heard it can take up to two years for all the swelling to go down so i'm hoping this was just the last of the swelling that went down and it should stay as is. cant bare if i lose anymore!! and its so... READ COMMENT

Thanks, i've heard sometimes it can take up to two years for all the swelling to go down so i'm hoping this was the last of the swelling maybe and this is how it should stay. i've gone up and down from 131 to 135 and can honestly say... READ COMMENT

I don't regret it. i just wish the initial results lasted longer. good luck with your surgery!! READ COMMENT