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Numbness and a Lump After Chin Lipo? (photo)

Done my double chin lipo a week ago its numb and I notice a hard lump appear on the rigth side of my neck...is it normal? READ MORE

Numbness After Chin Lipo?

How much time will it take before the numbness goes away READ MORE

Putting Cold Compress 1 Week After Chin Lipo?

Im putting a cold compress on my chin and some part that is swollen and numb..is it ok? READ MORE

Numbness Getting Near Mouth and Upper Jawline..it Hurts?

1 week an 3 days after chin lipo..now it hurts and the swelling ang numbness is getting near my mouth and upper jawline its stiff ang I cant talk normally..is it normal? READ MORE

Is It Okay If I Stop Using Chin Strap 2 Week Post Op? I Still Have Lump

Is it ok if I stop using chin strap after 2 weeks even if I still have lump in my neck? READ MORE

Fluid Comming out Frm Incision 1 Week Post Op Normal?

Im a little bit worried about the fluids comming out frm my incision after 1 week of my chin lipo..is it normal? and how long will it take? READ MORE

2 Weeks After Chin Lipo Still Have Fluids Comming out from Inc? (photo)

2 weeks after chin lipo I still have fluids comming from my incision before it was I think 4 drops a whole day but now I guess I was like squeezing it of..my doctor still say... READ MORE

2 Weeks 5 Days Post Op Painful Lumps And Yellowish Discharge From Incision, Advice?

I am 2 weeks and 5 days post op still have a big lump around my chin it hurts and yellowish discharge comming out frm incision. .I keep asking my surgeon about this but she say... READ MORE

3 weeks 2 days chin lipo..lump subsides a little but blood drifting? (photo)

3 weeks and 2 days after chin lipo..3 days ago my lump got so painful coz maybe may incision closed and the yellowish dischage cant go out. so depressed I went to my surgeon... READ MORE

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part of my breast skin were thickened after abreast reduction 7 week ago is it serious?

I have my breast reduction 7 weeks ago..on the 3rd week I notice a thickned skin in my left breast and up to now...I worried when I read that thickening of the skin on breast... READ MORE

how long will it takes before chin lipo will totally heal?

Ive done my chin lipo 1 week and 3 days ago..it was ok at the first week even if there are some bruise and the numbness..but after a week suddenly it become swollen and the... READ MORE

blood drifting frm incision 3 weeks after chin lipo

Im 3 weeks post op chin lipo before im drifting a redish dischage frm my incision then it became yellowish and now on my 3rd week im drifting blood after my dr.gave me steroids READ MORE

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Its was really hurting last nyt and I dont have other choice but to take pain reliver and I took of my food suppliment hoping it will help then when I woke up pain no more stiffness and numbness is still there butI noticed some liquid... READ COMMENT

I had my BR a month ago the healing process was good but I noticed a part of my left breast is thickened..I hope its nothing serious I will have may check up on monday READ COMMENT