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I Am 4 Days Post TT, and my Back Pain is Far Worse Than my Ab Pain?

Are there any tips for alleviating this pain as it is keeping me from walking around. There is no pain when I'm in the lounge chair position. I an not getting relief from my... READ MORE

My Skin is Burning 2 Weeks Post TT. Is This Normal?

The burning sensation I have over my abdomen does not respond to pain medication. It doesn't matter whether my binder is on or off. I can't even touch my skin without pain. My... READ MORE

Can a TT result in a lessening of sexual sensations?

4 months after a full TT, I am still experiencing less than usual erogenous sensations. I have a large area of numbness that extends 2 inches below my incision. Could the... READ MORE

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Wow! This is the most beautiful nose job I have ever seen! Wish I lived in SF! Your doctor is a real artist! Congratulations! READ COMMENT

Thank you Tatyana, I've been waiting for someone to have the same experience as me! Going on 4 months, and I still have to wear tight leggings to hold everything in. After exercising, I still have a lot of pain on the back of my legs!... READ COMMENT

I'm with you! I'm 10 weeks out and my legs look worse than before I had them done. I also have bluish/purple marks that look awful! I still have pain after a workout and have to ice the back of my legs. I'm still wearing leggings bc... READ COMMENT

I don't understand. I see a huge difference and I think your thighs look awesome! I had the procedure 2 months ago and was upset that it was so much more painful than the "superficial treatment" I was told it would be. At 2 months, I... READ COMMENT

I think when we get zero result, the plastic surgeon should get zero money! Why isn't there a money back guarantee for these things? READ COMMENT