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Is It Possible to Get Your Nose Lowered on Your Face?

My nose is slightly too high on my face. It has a huge bump, and the bones are too wide-set. I'm planning on getting a rhinoplasty in a couple of years. I feel like when I get... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Achieve This Look? (Septum and Tip)

I'm a 16 year old girl who is having rhinoplasty in a couple of years. I have quite a bulbous tip, big, flared, high-set nostrils, and a large, thick septum. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Are my nose job expectations achievable?

Hi, I'm 16 years old and i'm getting a rhinoplasty when I'm 18. I've looked at many pictures of rhinoplasties, while some of them were nice, others looked obviously done, and... READ MORE

Are my nose job expectations achievable? (photo)

I'm 16, and getting rhinoplasty at 18. I've looked at many images of nose jobs, while some were nice, others looked obvious, the nostrils were visible & triangular, and the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Is there a way to make a nose with thick skin look good or defined? (photo)

Are my expectations achievable, as I have thick skin? I'm very scared I will get a obvious & 'meaty', ugly nose after my rhinoplasty (getting one in 2 years). My main... READ MORE

Will Alarplasty result in triangular nostrils? (photo)

I'm 16 years old and getting rhinoplasty soon, so I'm doing as much research as I can. I have wide nostrils, and I've been told I need alarplasty. Among researching, I've found... READ MORE

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Best rhinoplasty surgeon in the World? -Very complicated surgery-

Hi everyone!  I have a very complicated surgery, all the problems you can have in a nose - I have them. I have wide set bones, and I realized that a very thin nose fits my... READ MORE

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I have a really similar nose to you! do you think youll go through with it or not? I heard Robert Ciardullo is good, good luck!! READ COMMENT

Wow you look perfect, congrats it's amazing! READ COMMENT

Your nose looks perfect! please don't do anything to it! READ COMMENT

I have the same problem as you! Please do let me know which surgeon you chose, I really don't know who to pick. You are already really beautiful, and will look amazing after the surgery! the morphs also look very natural READ COMMENT

Gorgeous results! It looks absolutely perfect! wow, it just makes the rest of your features stand out so much :) congrats! READ COMMENT