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Desperately Want Rhinoplasty and Chin Reduction - Grand Rapids, MI

I have hated my nose and chin for as long as I can remember! I was in denial for the longest time that I had a big nose and chin but as I'm getting older both my nose and chin seem to be getting even more prominent! It used to be that I only hated these features in pictures, but in the last few years I've really begun to see in the mirror what the camera has been telling me all along. There... READ MORE

Questions from fozzymama13

Can You Feminize my Chin? (photo)

I would like someday to have rhinoplasty and a chin reduction. It is difficult to find surgeons in my area who are experienced in making chins smaller as opposed to adding an... READ MORE

Is There Anything That Can Be Done About This Vein Between my Eyes? (photo)

Ugh... I hate this vein or whatever it is between my eyes! It stands out horribly in pictures! I'm considering rhinoplasty... is it possible that rhinoplasty could have any... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Shorten my Nose and Make the Tip Not Stick out So Far? (photo)

I want everything about my nose changed. It's too wide from between my eyes to the tip, it sticks out too far, and it's lumpy! I know bumps can be reduced/removed... but can... READ MORE

How Do You Know if You Have Thick Skin? (photo)

I keep reading about people who say they have thick skin and how it affects rhinoplasty results... but how do you know? What effect does it have on rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Fix Hole From Nose Piercing?

I haven't worn my nose ring in over 2 years but of course still have the hole there. There is also a small bump next to the hole... not sure what it is but it was there before... READ MORE

What is this bulge between my eyebrows? (photo)

It doesn't appear to be a vein, perhaps an overgrown muscle? Excess skin? What can I do about it? It makes me look angry all the time! READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce the width of the philtrum in conjunction with an upper lip lift to reduce length? (Photo)

I am very unhappy with the appearance of my lips/smile. It's completely uneven. One side curves up nicely while the other side is more of a blunt corner... almost pointing down... READ MORE

Is this a muscle in my cheek or a fat pad? (photos)

This bulge shows up when I make a kissy face and I don't like it. It's only on one side. The corner of my mouth on that same side also pulls down when I smile whereas the other... READ MORE

Is fat pad removal on one side an option? (photos)

One side of my face seems to be larger than the other side, particularly noticeable in the cheek area from the quarter angle. I would love to have a smoother, more feminine... READ MORE

Is this a reasonable expectation for a chin reduction and if so what type of surgery would you suggest? (photo)

I sincerely dislike how long my face is, particularly when I smile. I feel my chin is both too wide and too long. It also seems difficult to find surgeons who do chin... READ MORE

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Plastic surgery simulator lite! READ COMMENT

Wonderful results! I don't think you look swollen at all! So happy for you! I hope to have similar results some day! READ COMMENT

Very nice! Do you know why he only does closed? READ COMMENT

Well thank you for saying all that!! It's hard for me to see anything good about myself when I'm so focused on the bad... but I try to tell myself that it's not as bad as it is in my head. Sometimes it works and sometimes I think I'm... READ COMMENT