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Questions from mommy613

3 Weeks Post Op I Got 550cc Saline Implants. I Have No Pain in my Left but my Right Implant Gives Me a Weird Feeling? (photo)

I have no pain in my left side but my right side at time feels like my implant is poking around inside it causes my hand to go numb. Is this something I should be concerned... READ MORE

Left implant is smaller then first and very noticeable? (photo)

Before ba my left breast was larger then my right. I got 522 saline in my left and 550 in my right. Now my right breast is much larger then my left its even noticeable in... READ MORE

Would 30 cc be an extremely noticeable difference? (photo)

In September I got ba I started out with my left breast being larger then my right. So my doctor and I decided for 550cc for my right and 525 for my left. Right after surgery... READ MORE

One implant is a lot smaller. Is it possible the doctor didn't put the right amount in my left side? (Photo)

I had my surgery 7 months ago and am really unhappy with what I ended up with. I know nothing is ever perfect but the size difference I got is very noticeable even with clothes... READ MORE

My implants are not the same size and the doctor says it might have a slow leak but they have been different sizes (Photo)

I had surgery a year ago and got 550 cc in right and 525 cc in left because I was a bit bigger in left to start. Now I am about a whole cup size smaller on my left. I went back... READ MORE

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No mine are very soft just one looks up higher. Hopefully mine will end up like yours READ COMMENT

After looking at your pictures my implants look like your when one dropped before the other. That's how mine look and it appears one is smaller then the other. Did you do anything to help yours drop? READ COMMENT

Did you do the same size ccs in both? I just got mine done and am not sure if one has dropped and one hasn't or if one is way bigger READ COMMENT