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Questions from jonjon25

Lower face surgery?

I'm a male in his 20s and I had a question regarding a potential cosmetic surgery. I've always had a rounder lower face and I was hoping to achieve a more chiseled, angular... READ MORE

Deviated Septum fix? (photo)

My septum is deviated and it sometimes makes it challenging for me to breath through one of my nostrils. I'd also like my nostrils to be more symmetrical for aesthetics. Is... READ MORE

Making the eyes smaller?

I've always had big, bug-like eyes and I am hoping to make them appear smaller and more appropriately sized. Is there any way to make the eyes smaller or appear smaller? It's... READ MORE

Surgery to make eyes smaller? (photos)

Are there any techniques to make the eyes smaller? I've always had big eyes (not thyroid disease). I don't think large eyes are very flattering on men, and I was hoping to make... READ MORE

Is a chin implant, jaw implant, cheek fat removal right for me? (Photo)

My face is quite rounded and my cheeks are full, and I'm hoping to achieve a more chiseled, angular, masculine look. A more squared, strong jaw. I was looking into a chin... READ MORE

Could I benefit from facial cosmetic surgery? Cheeks/forehead/nose (Photo)

I'm a 25 year old male, in LA, considering plastic surgery. I am not entirely sure what specific procedures I would benefit from, but my goal is to look my best. I feel my... READ MORE

Jaw/Cheek/Chin Improvement? (photos)

I'm hoping to achieve a more masculine jaw, and a more angular lower face. As it is right now my face is more rounded, and i have full cheeks. READ MORE

More masculine face/jaw/cheeks? (Photo)

Im a 24 year old male and I am aiming to achieve a more masculine, chiseled look. Specifically, I have always had round, full cheeks and not a very masculine lower face. I am... READ MORE

Improving a round face? (Photos)

I have a round face and full cheeks. I'm not overweight at all, its just a hereditary trait I've inherited. I'm hoping to achieve a more angular, masculine face. A stronger jaw... READ MORE

Seeking stronger, more masculine chin/cheeks/jaw? (Photo)

I have always had a very rounded face. I"m hoping to achieve more angularity and get a more chiseled masculine strong-jawline look. Please see my pictures included. Any... READ MORE

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Can we see a picture of you now, after several months? You have a 3 week post-surgery picture but with buccal fat pad removal more results usually come after a month or two. Could we see a picture of that? Thanks! READ COMMENT