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I've been thinking about TT for last 3 years - Tummy Tuck with Lipo

Hi I delivered twins with c-sec in early 2009. I've been thinking about TT for last 3 years. My DH finally gave a go ahead 6 months ago after seeing my struggle to tighten up. I m back to my pre-preg weight though. I have scheduled my TT for 19th October. I cant wait to share my experience with you all. I am super nervous yet excited. Thats it!! tomorrow is the big day! I m excited and... READ MORE

Questions from Twinfun

Is It Good Idea to Get Dual Procedure - Tummy Tuck and Rod Removal from Previously Fractured Arm at the Same Time?

I fractured my arm almost 2 years ago. I have a rod placed in my right upper arm. Now I need to get it removed. I have also been planning to get a tummy tuck (muscle repair +... READ MORE

What Corset to Wear?

Hi I m having TT procedure in less than a week. Please can you advise what type of corset I need to buy? Thanks READ MORE

Awful bumps above my incision photos posted? (photo)

Well this is how my scar and BB looks like 5 days post full TT. I m not worried about the scar but am terrified to see 1. awful uneven fatty bulges around my incision!! 2. And... READ MORE

Please could you advise me if my skin has been tightened enough? (photo)

I m 7 days post TT. This is how my bent view looks like. Please could you advise me if my skin has been tightened enough? Or hopefully is it just swelling? Is it fat? READ MORE

Swelling or not tight enough??

Now I m 3 weeks post FULL TT. And my tummy is nowhere near flat! Do u think it could be swelling or is it fat/not tight ? I m posting before and after pics for reference. Does... READ MORE

Incision bleeding and yellow dried puss? (photo)

So this is how my incision looks. I am 4 weeks post op now. Please advise in the below: - bleeding from 2 areas - yellowish dried areas - why is it too black around those red... READ MORE

4 weeks post still not flat or tight? (photo)

I got lipo and full TT done and am 4 weeks post. My tummy still doesn't look flat and tight. I know I have to wait for couple of weeks to see final result. But I see 100s of 4... READ MORE

5 weeks post lipo and full TT - Swelling or Fat? Is it tight enough? (photo)

I m 5 weeks post lipo+full TT. My tummy still looks flab. I cant make out if it is swelling or fat? First thing in the morning I can feel my tummy soft and flabby. It looks... READ MORE

5 weeks post lipo+full TT - is it fat or swell? (photo)

I'm 5 weeks post lipo+full TT. I know I have to wait for couple of weeks to see final result. But I see 100s of 4 weeks post n see a flat firm shape with swelling sometimes.... READ MORE

6 weeks post- not flat tight and other issues? (photo)

I m 6 wks pst full TT+lipo. It's nowhere near flat even 1st thing in morning. * How do I known 4 sure if muscles r tightened enough? * BB still wrinkly n closed unless I pull... READ MORE

Uneven bulgy fat on left side than right side? (photo)

I m getting no where with this full TT+lipo 6 1/2 weeks ago. It honestly feels like a disaster. I m dying to hear your unbiased honest opinions! My left side uneven bulgy. If I... READ MORE

I'm unhappy with the result of my Tummy Tuck 3 months ago. What do you think went wrong? (photos)

I had full TT lipo 3 months ago. To start with I got uneven asymmetric result left side protruding more bulgy fat. My tummy doesn't look tight or flat. It's round fat still... READ MORE

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Honestly how does it look?

This is how I look 4 weeks post. Please give me ur opinion on how it honestly looks? Did I get a bad job or is there still hope?  READ MORE

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I feel better to know I m not alone. My PS keeps assuring me it's swelling and will get better. But everytime I see the round belly esp when I bend I m not sure if he's telling the truth. I m trying to be patient until I meet him on... READ COMMENT

The rawness changes from person to person. Keep spraying opsite until ur next visit when I think he will ask u to apply antibacterial cream. Keep in touch with him. He responds well to texts. How did it go for u? Did u get just TT or... READ COMMENT

I just sprayed opsite for 2 weeks. Nothing else. When was given the cream, I first clean the incision and bb with saline water, then I would apply the cream and 5 mins later spray opsite so that the skin first absorbs the cream and... READ COMMENT

Hi may I ask how much it costed for revision altogether? Btw u look fab! READ COMMENT

I had lipo and full TT. Hope it's just swelling READ COMMENT