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Implants Look Big in the Upper Pole but Very Small in the Lower Pole. Will the Implant Shift Towards the Bottom?

My sister got a 375 silicone implant and looked small but after 4 months they looked a lot bigger and I wanted that same size. I was an A before and she was a small B, so my... READ MORE

Will They Drop More in the Lower Pole and Hide my Scar? (photo)

I love my implants I think they are perfect shape and even. The pic makes my nipple look a little diff but straight on they look even. Maybe my left is dropping a little... READ MORE

When Can I Apply Self Tanning Lotion After my Implants?

The last thing I want to do is mess anything up or harm my implants. I'm curious when can I start applying self tanner on my chest??? I'm exactly at 14 days since my surgery!... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Do Light Cardio Everyday if I Don't Use my Upper Half? I Got Implants 15 Days Ago.

I don't want to strain my implants or cause any harm to them at all. I want a normal healing process and I heard girls who work out too soon have them settling higher than... READ MORE

Will my Implants Drop and Fill out Under the Nipple? (photo)

I Like That Look Best Where the Bottom of the Boob is Very Full and Big. I'm a perfectionist I really hope that they get big at the bottom lol. implant itself doesn't obviously... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Even Out?

The first two weeks my breasts looked great, full, even. The third week one suddenly got smaller than the other?? Pre op my boobs were an A but my right boob was barley an A.... READ MORE

Professional Opinions Please. Will my Nipples Even Out? (photo)

The first two weeks my implants were even but the nipples were a little asymmetric. Coming up on the third week I can really tell in pictures, kind of on person. Went 425 L... READ MORE

Will going braless change the actual shape and size of the implant? Or just help them drop?

I just saw my surgeon today 3 weeks post op and he said I'm still high so he prefers I go braless (even not to wear my post op no padded no wire bra) as much as I can and when... READ MORE

6 weeks post op normal for breasts to be firm and not dropping much?

I received 425L 475R silicone unders on sept 27 2013 and my breasts haven't changed that much. They have a little and swelling went down but they haven't dropped as much as... READ MORE

Implants even in upper pole but a little different levels in the lower pole?

I had a BA sept 27 6 weeks ago. 425l 475r natrelle style 20 silicone unders. I just started wearing a band to help drop. I also massage everyday. They are still a bit high but... READ MORE

Pocket not big enough? 2 month post op 425 cc in left breast. (photo)

This may sound silly, but I read reviews everyday. I want to ask a Q? Does The bottom of my implant look normal? I feel like the inner edge isn't very round and kind of slant,... READ MORE

I am curious. What are the results if someone were to lower one breast crease and a donut lift?

Please inform me. Will there be permanent scars? Double bubble from the lowered crease? Will that same breast (one with 2 revisions applied to it) get smaller from the donut... READ MORE

Will my breasts change after 3 months?

I had implants on sept 27 2013. Started with an A and had 425 left and 475 right. They still stick out far and torpedoish but I want the low slope drooping (natural) breast... READ MORE

Can implants still change at 4 months post op?

I had 425l 475 cc R on sept 27,13. I see progress dropping a little bit.They are not fully round on the bottom yet. are even to where my shoulder and elbow meet. (High) My... READ MORE

Are my results normal? Any opinions? Revision? (photos)

I'm exactly 4 months post ba. I had 425L 475R silicone natrelle 20 unders to fix mild assymmetry. I'm VERY picky and want honest opinions. I wanted a big difference from... READ MORE

My left breast 425cc looks different from the right 475cc. Does this look like capsular contracture? (photo)

My left breast 425 looks different from the right 475. I had slight asymmetry before but the different size implants were to hopefully help. The left one isn't quite rounding... READ MORE

What are the consequences of going larger and raising a nipple? (Photo)

I want to go larger and also lower my crease to have my implants sit lower on my chest. Also want to have one nipple raised but I had two opinions saying at my young age it's a... READ MORE

Sloshing 6 months post op, is this normal?

I had a ba 6 months ago and they still slosh only when I massage them under and on the crease massage. Is that ok? I'm very careful with them and had silicone so I doubt they... READ MORE

9 months post op, what is the best of type of sports bra with intense workouts?

Hi I'm not asking brands just simply wondering from an AA and went 425cc silicone ba, (last October) should girls wear tighter snug sports bras to limit bouncing? Will the... READ MORE

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U look great! Hope everything's ok.. Post more pics :) READ COMMENT

Wgat method did you end up getting? Dual plane??? READ COMMENT

Love them! Can u post more angles topless and far away side view ect??? READ COMMENT

Are you going for silicone? Is he raising ur crease? Same surgeon? Can I ask how much he is charging u for revision READ COMMENT