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Soul Searching and Weighing my Options (And Resources!) -Sacramento, CA

I rambled on in my profile about all the thoughts, fears, frustrations etc that I am feeling in trying to make a decision to do something or keep avoiding it. The more I read the more fearful I got. All the "what if's", the cost, the magnitude of procedure, recovery, results. I guess I have a bit of shame about having done it in the first place in a way. Not something I want everyone to... READ MORE

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Should I Remove Implants? Is There a Good Affordable Solution and Some Way to Feel Ok About my Body After? (photo)

I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but I was so flat before! And I don't really want to have new implants because of finances and potential problems. I have had them in for... READ MORE

I'm Concerned About my Need to Return to Physical Job Soon? (photo)

My photo can be seen at my profile here if that offers any insight. One of my jobs is very upper body physically taxing. I'm a grill cook/waitress, cooking and serving up to 90... READ MORE

What is normal pain from capsular contracture? (photo)

Also will removing implants and capsule relieve the pain? I have a big lump in the right side near armpit, the pain I can compare to an excruciating tooth ache, only in my... READ MORE

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Should I Remove Implants? Is There a Good Affordable Solution and Some Way to Feel Ok About my Body After?

I need some feedback please. And I am using this as a sounding board too. I hope someone will listen and offer some good advice. I know I ramble on a bit here. But maybe... READ MORE

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Just get them out and leave them out. One day you will wonder why you put yourself through all this to have fake boobs instead of loving your own body. Seriously. READ COMMENT

I hope you choose not to have a BA. Please read more stories of removal which you will have to face at some point. I spent $3500 having them put in and $4000 having them removed with many problems left behind. I'm not at all alone. It's... READ COMMENT

Here is an awesome TED talk that sheds light on the subject beautifully!http://www.ted.com/talks/chris_jordan_pictures_some_shocking_stats#t-397036 His images are amazing, wait till you see the Barbie dolls! READ COMMENT

I read your blog and can so relate. You look fantastic, and the sad thing is that you looked amazingly fantastic before! Like what most women dream of looking like! So it's crazy that we feel compelled to do this to ourselves. I just... READ COMMENT