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Tummy Tuck Review After Being Botched Up Overseas ! - Sydney, AU

My journey began on the 27th August 2013 , i went overseas and had a Tummy Tuck . I had waited to have this procedure for 30 yrs , there was always something more important than my TT and i also felt quite selfish spending so much money on myself . I was made aware of Agents who liased with Surgeon's and hospital's overseas . These agent's made all the arrangements for you , starting from... READ MORE

Infection After 3 Months of Having Restylane ! - Thailand, TH

I have had dermal fillers many times and each time , i end up with lumps . Lumps that hurt and seem to want to push out of my skin . I have had SubQ , Restylane and Perlane and each time i get told that i wont end up with lumps . I have had to have filler disolved on many occasion as its the only way the pain and lumps will go . In august of this year i went to Thailand and had Blepharaplasty... READ MORE

Questions from hamra

Can HRT Cause DVT when Having a Tummy Tuck?

I recently had a Tummy Tuck , and have been on HRT for many years . I had a massive amount of swelling 4 days after surgery and went to the hospital to have it checked out . I... READ MORE

Why Do my Dermal Fillers Always Go Hard?

I have had Demal Fillers many times , and they always go hard and often are painfull . They almost form a hard capsule under my skin and i have to massage them so they dont... READ MORE

Can Dermal Filler Encapsulate?

The filler often feels like it is encapsulated , hard and sore almost like a capsule under the skin . This will happen at anytime , after sleeping , after exercise and for no... READ MORE

8 weeks post op, is this swelling normal? (photo)

I m 8 weeks post op and feel that i have a lot of swelling . My tummy feels very tight when i stand up and i have no loose skin . However there is a bulge right in the middle... READ MORE

Divarication of Recti - 10wks after TT ...can this be fixed? (photo)

I had a Tummy Tuck 10 wks ago and have had a large tummy ever since . What i thought was swelling turned out to be Divarication of the Recti . My tummy actually looks worse now... READ MORE

What is Divarication and attenuation of the abdominal recti muscles?

I had a CT scan done and the findings were , Divarication and attenuation of the abdominal recti muscles assymmetrically greater towards the left side . Also attenuation of the... READ MORE

Recent comments from hamra

I am so sorry you are going through this , i have had similar experience as you and i hate it . The only thing i keep looking at in your photo's is that in my opinion , your cheeks are no different than before filler . My cheeks were... READ COMMENT

Hi Kerryroda ...... i was thinking of a fat transfer too but it's quite expensive and sometimes it isnt enough. I am still not 100% sure that my problem was caused by the filler or an infected stitch after my blepharoplasty as it is... READ COMMENT

Yes , something needs to b done Positivemind , before someone is seriously hurt !! I nearly lost my life because of their negligence and they just disowned me and threatened me if i mentioned their name . I wish you all the best xx READ COMMENT

I would suggest not to have anything to do with this company .... all bad results are blocked and deleted and most likely pay people to put good reviews up READ COMMENT

I cant believe that MediMakovers are still allowed to operate !!! This company is the worst i have ever dealt with , they are thieves and their only interest is money , it is never about the welfare of a patient or the outcome of... READ COMMENT