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Me and my nose - Australia, AU

OK, so here begins my journey to a new me. I'm a mum of 4 kids and for the last 10+ years it has been all about them. Now it's my turn. I've had insecurities about myself since I was 13 and I'm now 13 so it's been a long time coming. In my first year of high school, one of my class mates told... READ MORE

Mild ptosis, 300cc cohesive textured, over the muscle - Australia, AU

So I'm a 31 year old mum of 4 and have breast fed them all. I actually gained volume after feeding my 3rd baby, but after my 4th I lost it all again :-( I was up to a very very full C or even D cup while I was feeding, and now I don't fill up a C cup, so I'm presuming I'm a B (just wearing C's... READ MORE

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What size implant should I get? (photo)

I'm booked in for BA in 2 weeks and I'm debating about the size of implant. What size and shape should I get to achieve a nice natural looking breast shape with some upper pole... READ MORE

Recovering from a muscle tightening tummy tuck?

I had a muscle tightening tummy tuck 3 months ago. Although the pain is getting better, it still hurts to sneeze and stretch. I started exercising again 4 days ago using a... READ MORE

How common is it that people react to breast implants?

I'm thinking about getting over the muscle implants again. The only thing holding me back is that I would have a foreign object permanently inside of me. I've read reviews... READ MORE

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Please share your stories with me

I'm booked in to have over the muscle implants in January and I'm not 100% sold yet. I'd love to know your experience with implants, why you got them and why you had them... READ MORE

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Thanks for the update, looking great! Did you go for anatomical or round? READ COMMENT

Wow your bra size took a huge jump with such small implants! I'm a 10b which I think is equivalent to your 32b (but not totally sure) and I'm planning on getting 300cc. Now I'm scared I'll end up too big, which is the last thing I want.... READ COMMENT

Wow haha this is crazy! I'm scheduled for next month too! We seem to be in line with all our surgeries! READ COMMENT

Thanks for that, that definitely helps put things in perspective. I posted a "question" on this and a couple of doctors have written back saying pretty much the same thing :-) It does make me feel better about the whole thing. READ COMMENT

Thanks for your help, I'll go have a squiz :-) READ COMMENT