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Canadian Girl Going to Be a Dominican Robles Barbie * Dra Robles * - Dominican Republic

This will be my 2nd time going to DR for cosmetic surgery .. My 1st round was with Duran I had Lipo, BBL and breast lift and implants. I didn't want the tummy tuck then as I was unsure if I wanted more children.. I have decided i'm happy with my family I have and now it's time for me to make me happy so TUMMY Tuck it is... I need a MR as my muscles have been very stretched and separated. ... READ MORE

Duran in Jan the 30th* Dominican Republic !!!

I'm wondering if anyone has used makeover travel in Bolivia ? I have had my quote's and the Dr would be Dr.Lijeron`s But I can't find much info on him. I've also been quoted with Dr. Walkiris Robles in Dominican, I can seem to find more on Dr. Robles but not much of Makeover Travel and Dr Ligeron's. I'm planning of going in Jan or Feb and I'm from Canada. I'm excited and nervous.. I will be... READ MORE

Questions from Canadian.gurl

I'm Planning On Having A Mommy Makeover In Dominican Rep, Worried Of Blood Transfusion, Is It Safe?

I am from Canada.. My concern is if needing a blood transfusion and will be getting blood from a different country such in Dominican Republic safe ? from disease's and such READ MORE

I'm currently taking medication for anxiety and wondering if I need to stop taking before a mommy makeover?

I've been taking Sertraline 50Mg daily for the past few months for mostly anxiety and some depression. I'm booked in Jan for a mommy makeover, breast lift, implants . Tummy... READ MORE

Period during surgery?

I'm wondering with my mommy makeover , breast lift,implants lipo, tummy tuck and bbl if it would affect the surgery with me being on my period or around that time frame ?... READ MORE

If someone has had a double hip replacement at a young age.. could they still get a BBL?

If someone has had a double hip replacement at a young age.. could they still get a BBL ? Wondering if it would affect anything for the hips or the BBL ? READ MORE

Dental Implants and pregnancy?

I just recently found out I'm pregnant, and wondering if it's safe to get dental implants I will be needing 3 , and what are the risk ? READ MORE

How important is Hep B vaccine prior to surgery in Dominican Rep?

I was told that I won't be fully vaccinated for Hep B in time for my surgery as I would be needing a 3rd shot and have to wait 5 months. I'm wondering if I need to worry about... READ MORE

Is there any risk to getting vaccines the month of Surgery?

I'm having breast augmentation and Lip on at the end of the month. My 2nd Hep B will be a week before surgery which will mean I'm only 80% protected. I'm having surgery in DR... READ MORE

Is my breast infected? (Photo)

My right breast has yellow fluid or puss from the bottom scab and really red. I've also had a fever all weekend but could be from this nasty cold I have. I'm worried my breast... READ MORE

Butt gone flat after BBL. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

I had a BBL on Jan 27. I ended up with really bad influenza for about 2 weeks and all I did was sleep and sit on it. It's lost all its volume .. Please help what can I do to... READ MORE

6 months post op of Breast Lift with Implants, I have this scar opening. Should I be concern? (photo)

Ive had breast lift and implants back in Jan and the last couple weeks Ive had this opening and the skin in that area looks really different almost like thin plastic and keeps... READ MORE

Do I have Diastasis Recti? (Photo)

3 pregnancies , my last one was 2 years ago! Ive had lipo in Jan and felt great and I have been working out but the more I work out the more my stomach bulges. Is this... READ MORE

Lipo on thighs and hips? (Photo)

I'm having a tummy tuck done in the new year and I really hate how thick my legs are.. I look heavy because of them. Is it possible to have them lipo as well and what about... READ MORE

Seroma ? Fluid after Tummy Tuck & Lipo? (photos)

I am 9 days post op and I had a tummy tuck with muscle and hernia repair and lipo ... I have a huge bulge on my upper stomach that feels squishy like a bag of fluid. Im also... READ MORE

Can you recommend a good anti itch cream to use after lipo?

Wondering about creams or lotions that I can get in Canada that's good for healing and itching skin from lipo . I'm wearing my garment and the itching is driving me crazy READ MORE

Scar tissue or hernia? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck and muscle repair and hernia repair and I've been going back and forth to the emerge and having fludid drained in this one spit above my belly Botton .... READ MORE

Hard lump after seroma? (photo)

I have a very very hard lump that bulges out of my stomach after having a tummy tuck and muscle repair . It is around the same area that the seroma is in. The seroma was... READ MORE

Hematoma / seroma fibrosis. Would Endermologie be able to treat this? (Photo)

I Had a tummy tuck and muscle repair back in Feb .. so I'm almost 8 months post op. I really don't want to go under the knife again and wondering if endermologie would be able... READ MORE

8 months post op, hematoma, seroma, my stomach is hard. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck and muscle repair in Feb of this year .. I had a seroma that was drained 3 times but the 3rd time it was very very hard and he couldn't get any fluid from it... READ MORE

Nutrition supplement before and after surgery?

So I've been using an amazing Premium Nutrition supplement that I started late in the game after my surgery it was about 6 months afterwords .. it Did ALOT for my healing and... READ MORE

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Did you already book your date ? And flights READ COMMENT

What is culture shock ?? Never heard of it but I Know I've been going through something and being sick with sick kids is extremely hard right now READ COMMENT