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No, not just you at all. I don't use it as consistently anymore and I have seen majority of my issues calm down, BUT the eye twiching is still a killer. I went to the doctor in December and he told me that things like this "just happen"... READ COMMENT

Eye twiching here too. It's latisse or bimotoprost for sure. I am now on a twice a week schedule,but I will terminate the use once the remaining product I have is gone.Not worth it in my case,never really did a whole to my lashes to... READ COMMENT

Little update: I went to an eye exam on Saturday and the doctor found my eyes to be very healthy, no sign of high eye pressure or infections.Sometimes our minds do find correlations between events that are unrelated I suppose. READ COMMENT

I have actually been experiencing the same exact issue, neck pain, constant headaches and left eyelid feeling heavy. May be a coincidence, but I did schedule an eye exam. READ COMMENT

What exactly did you notice Ariana?And also, would you be able to see an obvious change in your lashes if you weren't staring at them closely? READ COMMENT