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Lasik 4 Years Ago and Now Perimenopausal with Issues - Think About the Future! - Manchester, GB

I had lasik 4 years ago without many complications I had have eye drops occasionally when working at the computer all day or when eyes were tired. I noticed that when my eyes were tired I got double vision. I had no pain or anything with my eyes. I have noticed they are drier now than prior to the procedure however I am not sure if this is age related or not as I am a 48 year old woman now.... READ MORE

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Lasik 4 Years Ago and Now Perimenopausal and Experiencing Burning Dry Eyes?

I am a 48 year old female and had lasik eye surgery 4 years ago. After the lasik eye surgery I had to use drops however no significant eye dryness except for when using the... READ MORE

Is It True That Lasik Healing Can Take Many Years?

I was advised by my laser surgeon that corneal healing after lasik takes a number of years, any interruption in this process ie drug induced dryness can slow down this process.... READ MORE

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Felicia so sorry to hear of your distress I know exactly how you feel. If it is any consolation my eyes are a bit better now with plugs. It seems to be that people either have problems immediately or a few years later. There is a forum... READ COMMENT

I had lasik 4 years ago and had some mild dry eye symptoms when I was tired or working at the computer until I took some tablets that caused dry eyes. It is like having shampoo in your eyes permanently it is so painful. I tried to take... READ COMMENT

Yazi thanks I probably did have dry eyes prior to lasik but did not recognise it as such. The artificial tears do help and I have discovered that taking medication triggers my dry eyes but not sure if this is because I am going through... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your review. I too thought this was the best thing ever until I hit the menopause and your eyes naturally dry out which on top of dry eyes due to lasik is not a good combination. The impact is that if you add in drugs that... READ COMMENT