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How Long Does It Take for BAD Botox Effects to Go Away?

I got botox on 9/12 on the forehead, between the eyes and crows feet and she gave me a couple injections underneath my eyes which I now know is a big No No!! Within a couple... READ MORE

Why do BAD Botox results (cheeks ptosis, eye bags and hollows) last so long? There are stories here women waiting 6 mo to years.

This is making me nervous as I'm 1.5 months dealing with these issues ( cheek droop, eye hollows and under eye bags) and these stories are making me nervous that It won't be... READ MORE

Why Has My Right Eye Gotten So Much Bigger Since Botox?

Since getting botox on 9/12/13 my right eye has gotten huge. My left eye may have a tiny droop but my right eye is noticeably much larger than before.Typically, botox does open... READ MORE

Should women give botox another chance after having a bad result?

I got botox on my forehead, between eyes, crows feet and below the eyes on 9/12/13. I developed big hollows and bad eye bags, one eye looks larger than before and the other... READ MORE

Does Botox make the forehead appear larger? Does botox make the smile appear smaller?

I had botox to the forehead, crows feet and between the eyes. My forehead looks so much bigger and my smile is smaller. My gums no longer show when I smile and less teeth show.... READ MORE

Why did Botox cause hollowness around my eyes? How long will it last?

A few days after botox injections, I noticed hollowness around my eyes followed by eye bags. What is causing the hollowness? I also have ptosis in my cheeks, does this make it... READ MORE

How long should I wait before getting botox again after a horribly bad botox result? (photo)

Its been almost 9 weeks since my last botox treatment which was horrible!! Eye hollows and bags, cheeks droop, one eye got so big!! The wrinkles are back but the only... READ MORE