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I Want to Feel Happy About Myself

I recently had rhinoplasty, and now want to get my teeth fixed. They are crooked, and crowded. I also have a gummy smile, and people have made fun of my teeth in the past. It makes me want to cry, and I hate having to smile in photos. Still trying to find a dentist, there's one that I like so I might go with them. READ MORE

Finally done!

I have been unhappy with my nose all my life. Been teased, and never had much confidence due to the nose. Finally I have found a place to get it done, and my consultation is on the 18th of October. I am so excited! I thought about this a lot, and been up and down. Was okay with my nose for a while, then I see a bad photo and I feel so depressed. I know I can't have a Nicole Kidman nose but... READ MORE

Questions from Ellie84

Can I Wear Contacts After Rhino?

I have to wear contacts, and without them I can't really function. Obviously I can't wear them during or after surgery due to my eyes swelling etc, but when can I put them back... READ MORE

Bright red bleeding? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty on the 18th, and they didn't break any bones. When I got home I was talking a fair bit being high on medication. My nose started to bleed, and is bleeding on... READ MORE

Not happy with my nose 2 weeks PO. Will my nose change still? (photo)

I had my nose done about two weeks ago. He didn't break the bone. But I am just not happy, to me I just look the same and see no difference. Everyone tells me to be patient but... READ MORE

Would normal braces correct my teeth? (Photo)

My dentist says I have overcrowded teeth. They always made me feel ugly so in 2016 I want to finally get braces. I'm happy to just get normal ones as I can't afford anything more. READ MORE

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December 2013 rhinoplasty surgeries :)

Don't know if this thread already exists, sorry. I am going for my consultation on the 18th, and hope to book for my surgery in December, as I have to take time off work. I am... READ MORE

feeling a bit sad about saying goodbye to old nose.

As excited as I am about my surgery in December, I am also feeling a bit scared of sharing goodbye to my old nose. I'll never have it again and I will look different. I had... READ MORE

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Hello! So sorry for the late reply. How's it going ? I'm doing well thanks, haven't thought about my nose much,sometimes it just hits me that I had it done! Haha. I'm happier with it now :) READ COMMENT

Sorry that you didn't have a good experience, but info think you look great. But as I know, you have to be happy! And don't worry about other people, often people don't even pay attention to your nose in the first place so they won't... READ COMMENT

Ah you are so young! And you look amazing, you seemed to have fun :) READ COMMENT

Happy birthday and happy new year! You look stunning :) READ COMMENT