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What Are the Chances of Umbilical Necrosis Caused by a Tummy Tuck for Whom Had a Umbilical Hernia Repaired by Another Doctor?

I am 30 years. I had a hernia repaired at the same time of my c-section. I definitely need a tummy tuck. A surgeon advised me of the risks of umbilical necrosis. My belly... READ MORE

Can't decide between 339 and 371 moderate plus profile? (photo)

I am 30, 5.6 and 136lbs. I am 34b cup now. At my consultation we narrowed down to 339 and 371 moderate + profile. I need a lift! I'm afraid of not going big enough as it is the... READ MORE

Belly button healing or dying? (Photo)

Had a tummy tuck done couple days ago. I am unsure if my belly button looks okay since I just had the surgery or if it is dying. I had a hernia repaired done before and... READ MORE

Choice of implant right?! How soon to change it? Cost? Even worth it? Can it look larger? (photo)

I am very analytical and perfectionist! Thought about the size over and over and felt like still choose the wrong size. Choose 339 instead of 371. My heart hurts because after... READ MORE

Won against the odds?! Will I have an innie or outie belly button after tummy tuck and hernia repair? (photo)

2 weeks post op! Borned with an innie belly button but got hernia after pregnancy. My doctor said most likely I would have Umbilical Necrosis or healing issues with the tummy... READ MORE

I had one areola larger than the other. Does it look like my doctor made it smaller? (photos)

3 weeks post op from a mommy make over ( full anchor breast lift). My aerola was different in size before Surgery and my Doctor said that he would try to match the size of the... READ MORE