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Need to Replace Front Tooth Crown - Cheshire, CT

I have my front 4 teeth crowns(had a bike accident years ago) last year my 3 year old head butted me and knocked one out! I took the opportunity to save and buy all 4 new ones because I never really loved the original ones anyway. It was a long, expensive,(out of pocket) experience. And last week my toddler (1yr old) knocked one of my brand new (year old) teeth out and even shattered the tooth... READ MORE

36 Yr Old, 3 Kids, 5'10, 150lbs, Bad Surgery, Looking to Revise Boobs, and Get Fat Transfer to Butt. - New Haven, CT

Years ago I had just one baby and very saggy deflated boobs for a very young girl. I was in my early 20's and not married. (I will eventually add a picture). I went to the top rated doctor in the area I live, I saw his work on the Internet and in person and I loved it. He was great, and boobs was prob about 80% of what he does. I thought I would be happy with the results. In so many ways he... READ MORE

Questions from Cjnvicki

I Am 5'10 145lbs. I Have a Flat Butt? (photo)

I would like to get a fat transfer to my butt from either stomach thighs or love handles, Which would be best? Also how long is the recovery? I have a high pain tolerance and I... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Flat Butt?

 I'm 5'10 140lbs. I want to know how much? From multiple places or one place? Will I be able to go back to work/lift kids 2 days later? And is it permanent? READ MORE

Had 3 breast augmentations, same dr. Results are not good. Is it possible to make them smaller and symmetrical? (Photo)

I want to get it done right and not have to think about it again. I'm scared. Breasts are not symmetrical. And nipples are too large. I would like to go smaller in size and... READ MORE

I need new tooth, what are my options? I have 4 front teeth crowns. (photo)

Last year my 3yr old knocked a tooth out.took the opportunity to save and buy 4 new ones because I never loved the originals anyway.It was a long,expensive process.last week my... READ MORE

I need a dental implant, what kind of doctor should I see?

My front tooth broke and I had it extracted. I now need an implant. I have 2 consults this week. 1 with a periodontist, 1 with a oral surgeon. Who is more qualified to do this?... READ MORE

Different opinions from different doctors, what to do? Why would they have such different views? (photo)

Front tooth extracted(it broke, See story in my reviews)need an implant. I'm scared & confused, I went to 2 consults & 1 surgeon said I had to wait 1 mo for the extraction site... READ MORE

I need a dental implant in the front tooth. My tooth was extracted & high lip line. Will it look fake? (photos)

I would love to ask all my questions and communicate with a dr. There are too many components. If anyone is willing please message me. For starters, high lip line, #9 is... READ MORE

Can I communicate with an oral surgeon directly? Too many questions, high lip line, #9 extracted, 7,8 & 10 are crowns (Photo)

If anyone Dr can help me, I really need advice, need 1 implant, but considering replacing 3 other crowns with implant bridge, post are too short on crowns anyway. Signed up for... READ MORE

Please help! Had revision today, trying not to move arms much, but it's hard because I'm not in pain. What exactly can happen?

I don't plan on lifting more than 5lbs, but I keep getting itchy on my head and back and having to move arms. Was told to keep still for 3wks because I have thin tissue and I... READ MORE

New crown on implant. Should doctor have asked if I wanted all porcelain? (photos)

The tooth is metal on the inside, is this how they are all made? Or could I have had the option of all porcelain? It was not presented to me. I did however say that I wanted it... READ MORE

Will these gums settle down around the new crown? How long will that take? (photos)

I'm hoping this will start to look a little more real when and if the gums settle? And so they look grayish? Is there any improvements you can suggest? as gum graft? READ MORE

Best doctor for hairline lowering in CT or FLA? (Photo)

I would like to do hairline lowering surgery but I live in CT. I do go to Fla once a year as well. Are there any Drs that specialize in this in those 2 states? READ MORE

Is this capsular contracture? And what can I do about it? (Photos)

This dimple under the nipple keeps happening. Every surgery. Is there any way to prevent it? READ MORE

Recent comments from Cjnvicki

The same thing is happening to me. My stitches keep coming to the surface and I have to pull them out because they start to hurt if I dont. I also have the problem of the right one being higher than the other. So I wear a bandeau bra... READ COMMENT

Hey I am 3 weeks po and had pocket modification too, when did your dr solar you could start massaging? Did you have it on both sides or just one? READ COMMENT

Pics please!! READ COMMENT

Oh and no armpit pain and the itchy finally went away. And the doc said just sports bras that fit. Not to tight or to loose. I prefer tight though. Also I still have tape, she said just let it come off whenever it does, but it's not... READ COMMENT