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Implant Against the Muscle?

I am 3 weeks post op. I feel good but during the day it feels like my implants are fighting with the muscles and I don't know who is winning. It feels like the muscle is... READ MORE

When Is It Safe To See My Chiropractor?

I am 6 weeks post op. Is it safe to go back to the chiropractor. I am afraid that laying on my stomach and getting adjusted will rupture my implants. I have Sillicone cohesive... READ MORE

Boob Envy. I am 7 weeks post op and kind of wishing I had gone bigger?

I'm currently sized at 36C but not sure if I've finished dropping (i have dropped some) or have i fluffed. How do you know if the dropping and fluffing has happened? Is 7 weeks... READ MORE

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I would say go to another doctor and see what he or she says.. this is your body and its expensive to have this procedure. I would go for another consultation elsewhere if your really not sure. READ COMMENT

I agree almosttime, I have 375cc unders as well and i feel great, i look great and i have had no issue what so ever with balance, grace or looking inappropriate... i would imagine that MichelleM399 your implants would have to have been... READ COMMENT

The first week is the worst once you get past that it get better and better. But you just had surgery and you wont heal over night... i'm 3 months post op now and i'm still healing... be patient. READ COMMENT

The fear and nervousness is very common i mean it is surgery and its a serious decision. I went thru the same thing but this is truly a personal decision and yes there can be complications but I had to accept all that comes with having... READ COMMENT

You didn't go too big.. once they settle into place your going to love them.. I got 375cc under cohesive gels.. i so wish i had gone bigger. But you are still early in your recovery. Be patient they are going to look amazing in a few... READ COMMENT