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Office review: - Inflexible and Unempathetic Staff; All About Money and Money Alone - Beverly Hills, CA

I flew thousands of miles and spent nearly a thousand dollars to arrive on time for a consultation with Dr. Haworth. When I called to see what time the consultation was, they informed me that they had cancelled the appointment (I had lost my phone the week prior while performing emergency medical treatment on a close friend). I was only in town for 24 hours, specifically for this appointment,... READ MORE

Very Talented Doctor Who is a Really Nice Person and Has Great Staff - Miami, FL

Please see my "Review Your Doctor or Provider" comments. My experience was great entirely thanks to Dr. Mendieta (and his staff) -- I really don't feel like I can separate the two reviews into a "Experience/Procedure" section and a "Doctor/Provider" section because Dr. Mendieta (and his staff) were the ones responsible for making it so great. READ MORE

Questions from Erin2342

Is Buccal Lipectomy an "All or Nothing" Procedure? Or Can You Remove Just a Little of the Fat?

Buccal excision seems to be *much* more varied in terms of patient satisfaction than most other cosmetic surgery procedures. People either love their angular, model-like... READ MORE

Does facial fat grafting always lead to thick visible veins beneath the eyes?

I've seen a lot of complaints from facial fat grafting patients about thick veins being visible under their eyes after fat grafting. How often does this happen? Why does it... READ MORE

Breast augmentation for breast cancer risk patient who would prefer to not have to repeat surgeries (as rec'd with implants)?

I'm a AA cup and I'd like to get a breast augmentation, but both my grandmothers had (non-lethal) breast cancer -- one had a single masectomy, so I'm wary of both implants and... READ MORE

Liposuction and spontaneous breast enlargement -- how common for low-volume liposuction?

I'm a AA cup and not a candidate for implants or fat transfer to the breast due to my family's breast cancer history (implants block 1/3 of the mammogram image = higher... READ MORE

Radiotranslucent breast implants -- are they actually used and do they have any specific issues?

I see there are such things as radiotranslucent implants (from an internet search) but are they a gimmick or are they actually a legitimate option for breast augmentation? Do... READ MORE

Cellulite - it can't be cured BUT what is the most effective temporary treatment? (NOT Cellulaze/Vasersmooth yet, please).

I know that there is at present no proven permanent cure for cellulite. (I'll be keeping an eye on Cellulaze and Vasersmooth to see what the long-term results are but am not... READ MORE

What is going on with Philips Zoom's Daywhite teeth-whitening formula? Excruciatingly painful; not the same as Discus Daywhite.

I've been happily using Discus Daywhite 9.5 teeth whitening gel for many years. It was mildly uncomfortable but not painful and I easily finished the regular recommended... READ MORE

What nose shape ages the best? Are there any aesthetic characteristics that will make a nose age particularly well?

I understand what makes a nose beautiful in general but are there any aesthetic characteristics that will make a nose AGE particularly well? I'm trying to decide exactly what... READ MORE

Recently had non-surgical chin augmentation (Radiesse); changed mind and would prefer implant. How soon can operation be done?

Thanks for reading my question! I recently had a non-surgical chin augmentation. Although the doctor did a great job, it turns out an implant would have been a better choice... READ MORE

WHEN will fat transfer to breast (large amounts as for 1 cup size increase) be "proven" 99% uncontroversial and safe?

Thanks for reading full q! I realize no plastic surgery procedure is 100% safe, but am concerned re: how fat transfer to NON-MASECT. breast (AS DESCRIBED ABOVE) remains... READ MORE

What are some good alternatives to a corner lip lift? I'm in my early 30s.

The corners of my mouth turn down, giving me a sad/unhappy appearance. However, the doctors I've talked to are reluctant to perform a corner lip lift, because of the scar it... READ MORE

What is an internal corner lip lift? Is it as effective as the external corner lift? Do the results look as good?

I recently asked a question about alternatives to external corner lip lifts (the corners of my mouth droop but I am a relatively young, in my early 30s, and the doctor I've... READ MORE

Can local anesthetic (lidocaine, etc.) be used before injection of upper eyelid (i.e. orbital rim) filler? (photo)

My upper eyelids (well not the upper eyelid itself but hopefully you know what I mean - the orbital rim I think) are starting to look hollow due to age and also I had a... READ MORE

Confused about Restylane-L, shouldn't it hurt MORE than normal Restylane since lidocaine stings when it's injected anyways?

Lidocaine stings like crazy when it's injected by itself, so why does Restalyne-L hurt less? (At least I've heard it hurts less - supposedly the studies say so). Thanks. READ MORE

Are there any doctors out there who have some good before/after photos of "lifting" the corners of the lips with fillers only?

The corners of my mouth droop but my doctor recommends against a (surgical) corner lip lift due to the possibility of scarring. Does anyone out there have a website with some... READ MORE

Lateral lip lift to increase vermillion visible at corners of upper lip - what do you think of this procedure?

My vermillion disappears somewhat before the corner of my lips (upper lip only). I do not need a full upper lip lift (already had one and very happy with the results). It's... READ MORE

Discussions started by Erin2342

How to deal with the difficult plastic surgery office staff/surgical coordinators of a otherwise fantastic plastic surgeon?

Hi! Thanks for reading my question. First -- this is not reflective of the surgeon I've already written a review on. His office and staff are truly wonderful. However, I'm... READ MORE

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Np, thanks for asking me qs:) Yeah I don't know what the protocol is re: TT and BBL in combo. I don't want to jump the gun but it's possible you won't need a TT after the BBL? I dunno I should be quiet I'm not the expert;) It's been... READ COMMENT

Hey, I just checked your previous posts. You sound like a really nice person:) Also -- you're not even two months post-op;) Get away from the mirror;)!!! I know it's hard, but what you look like now has absolutely and completely nothing... READ COMMENT

Hey! I agree with the other commenter, you have a great figure:)! As for your q, can I first ask you when you had your lipo done? If it's less than a couple months ago, you're probably still pretty swollen on the lipo sites, and it's... READ COMMENT

Oops I think I posted wrong somehow. Anyways, hey:) Sry for the delay! Work's gotten a bit crazy lately. To answer your q, I actually only had the BBL done. Yeah I was surprised about the pain thing, too! It really honestly wasn't a... READ COMMENT