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Hi Denise - "Do I have nay numbness?" you ask.... Whoa boy, do i ever!!!!!!!!!! My ears are "waking up," but in front of my ears, my jawline and my neck feel like they belong to someone else! I had my under eye area lasered and look... READ COMMENT

Denise, that's great news! I have my own assortment of lumps and bumps (sort of ropey swelling from ear to ear under my jaw and chin - lovely....) Maybe such injections are in my future? I will enquire with my PS. 'So happy you are... READ COMMENT

Kathy and Denise, Yippee - I am home! However I may look and feel, I am delighted to be in my own place. I am still bruised, numb and experiencing stinging and burning around my ears and below my jaw. How you can feel both numbness and... READ COMMENT

Ladies, I am at day 11 and still look battered; however, a familiar face is starting to emerge. I am still swollen, bruised and numb in spots. I am glad I have not yet returned home (I do in three days) as this would be a tough one to... READ COMMENT

Denise and Kathy, 'so good to hear of your journeys. I believe the ladies you shared your plans with, Denise, are jealous - just as Kathy suspects. You must be looking lovely ( and much younger according to the fellow at your work... READ COMMENT