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What Can Be Done for a Collapsing Nose?

The left side is slightly depressed and the muscle is detreriorating. It flexes out more, also when breathing. More than the other side. It is also causing a feeling of... READ MORE

Which Surgery Should Come First?

I am pretty sure I've re-ruptured an inguinal hernia. I also have facial paralysis and, on that side, the nose is starting to collapse so I'll probably need surgery to repair... READ MORE

How Long is Recovery from a Brow Lift and Nasal Valve Surgery?

I saw the Dr today because I have facial paralysis and my nose is starting to collapse. He said he would use cartilage from inside my nose to strengthen the wall and then he... READ MORE

Why Would a Dr Recommend a Direct Eyebrow Lift over Another Type?

I have facial paralysis and the Dr is going to fix my collapsing nose and do an eyebrow lift. He said he is going to do the kind where you have a scar over the eyebrow. Why... READ MORE

What is an Eyebrow Lift Called when It is to Remove Drooping from Eyelid?

I have facial paralysis. My nose is collapsing. The doctor said he was going to repair the nose with an open procedure and lift the eyebrow by making an incision along the... READ MORE

Is It Too Late for Me to Have Any Type of Surgery to Repair my Facial Paralysis?

I had a blood clot burst on my facial nerve after having a mastoidectomy. That was almost 11 years ago. I have had very slight improvement from when it first happened. I can... READ MORE

What is Being Done when the Insurance Lists the Procedure As Repair Blepharoptosis Superior Rectus Technique W/ Facial Sling?

My doctor told me he was going to do a brow lift when he repaired my collapsing nose. I understand the blepharoptois repair is the brow lift. What I am wondering is I was told... READ MORE

Collapsed nasal repaired with direct eyebrow lift yesterday, is it normal to feel extremely light headed and queasy today?

I had the left side of my nose re-enforced with nasal cartilage due to collaspse from paralysis along with a left eyebrow lift for same reason. Yesterday I had the worst... READ MORE

My 3 day post operative nose feels like there is something sharp poking me, what can I do?

I had the left side of my nose reconstructed with cartilage from my nose because of nasal collapse. I've cleaned up most of the outside crusts, but high inside my nose, almost... READ MORE

I had a nasal reconstruction surgery and eyebrow lift, but my eyelid still droops, why?

My nose was collapsing due to facial paralysis. The ENT did a reconstruction with cartilage. He also did an eyebrow lift as the FP was causing vision blockage due to drooping.... READ MORE

How long does the nose dripping last after nasal reconstruction?

I had cartilage implanted in the side of my nose because it was starting to collapse do to facial paralysis. That was almost 7 weeks ago. My nose, both sides, drip from the top... READ MORE

After reconstruction of my nose I'm still having a little trouble breathing. Can this be fixed?

Facial paralysis caused the side of my nose to start collapsing. The surgeon reinforced the side of my nose with nasal cartilage. It's been just over 2 months. Sometimes it... READ MORE

What is MAC for direct eyebrow lift?

The Dr's office (not the Dr) said that they only use MAC for direct brow lift. I had to have my gold weight removed as it was coming through the skin and almost fully out.... READ MORE

What is the recovery time for direct brow lift?

I am having a direct brow lift for one eye only due to paralysis. The inner corner was lifted when my nose was reconstructed do to same paralysis. This will be just the outer... READ MORE

How can I hide the scar of direct eyebrow lift?

Incision is directly in the middle of the eyebrow. Was told it would be above the eyebrow. What can i do to hide the scar? Will the hairs grow back? READ MORE

Has anyone heard of or tried Angel Lift derma strips?

I saw an add for these strips that you put in your mouth and they are supposed to strengthen the muscles and provide wrinkle reduction. Is this a scam? READ MORE

Should the Dr fix this for free, caused bump at end of my nose which is getting larger, looks like boil, almost?

A year and half ago I had to have surgery because one side of my nose was collapsing because of facial paralysis. I went to the Dr and he built up the outer wall on the left... READ MORE

Is this pain normal?

I have facial paralysis that caused my nasal passage to collapse. I had surgery a couple of years ago to fix it. It helped some but got worse so I had the surgery repeated last... READ MORE

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Who has had a direct brow lift?

I have facial paralysis and my Dr recommended a direct brow lift when he does the surgery to correct my collapsing nose (also do to the paralysis). He said I would have local... READ MORE

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I had my surgeries done yesterday. It was done under local with nerve calming drugs so they could position the brow exactly where they wanted it. I had to make different facial expressions. They then put me under to fix my collapsing nose. READ COMMENT

Thanks for the reply. Did you have to have your eyebrow surgery under local anesthesia? They told me I had to have it that way and then general anesthesia for the nasal valve reconstruction to be done immediately following the brow lift. READ COMMENT

I had surgery that has left the left side of my face paralyzed now for almost 11 years. I had a gold weight implanted and it has been a real help. In fact, the first one worked it's way out of my eyelid after 10 years and I've just had... READ COMMENT