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Questions from PinkLotus

List of Things to Buy/prepare Before BA Surgery?

Aside from cooling packs, pillows, healthy foods and prescriptions... what does a girl need to be comfortable after her BA operation? READ MORE

"Gummy Bear" Vs. Silicone: What Are the Benefits of Having One or the Other?

Is capsular contracture less likely with the use of the textured gummy bear implants? Do they feel even moreso like natural breast than a silicone implant? Are they "safer"... READ MORE

Experiencing strange uneven edges along breast. Is this permanent? I am just over one week post. (photo)

I have 450 cc silicone gel implants, under the muscle, and am just over one week post operation. My doctor did not advise that I perform breast massages. I have simply warn... READ MORE

On average, how long does it typically take for numb nipple/breast to regain sensitivity after surgery?

I am two months post op and am experiencing complete numbness in my right nipple down towards the incision in the fold. READ MORE

5 months post-op. Could numbness in my nipple going down towards the crease be permanent?

Hello, Doctors, This numbness is in the shape of a triangle with the "tip" starting at my nipple and then the two "bottom edges" lining up with the crease (incision site) of my... READ MORE