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Ready for my Body to Match my Mind - HAPPY N HEALTHY - San Antonio, TX

Well all my Real Self pals, I'm FINALLY gonna post my profile! Been kinda chicken, but here goes. I am 51 years YOUNG, 5'5", 223 lbs. I have 3 grown children (32, 29 and 27) and one beautiful, energetic grand daughter Delilah (18months). My hubby is a WONDERFUL, supportive and amazing man. ... READ MORE

Questions from HappySuzy

How long should I wait after my breast reduction to do my Tummy Tuck w/ Muscle Repair?

I am 51 and I just had a breast reduction surgery (14 Oct). I'm planning to get a Tummy Tuck w/ Muscle repair. My doc says I can do the TT/MR as soon as the breasts are all... READ MORE

How much should I weigh when I go in for my TT/MR? (photo)

I am 51 yrs old, 5'5" and currently weigh 217lbs. Though I plan to continue to lose some weight prior to surgery (planning on early Jan 2014) and after. I am fairly comfortable... READ MORE

Am I too heavy to get TT/MR Surgery?

I am 51 yrs old, 5'5" and currently weigh 217Ibs.  I am fairly comfortable with my shape, so my goals from surgery are moderate.  I just want to remove the apron left... READ MORE

How many areas and/or how much Liposuction (volume/liters) is safe or recommended at one time? (photo)

I am nearly 7 months PO from a TT/MR and am going in to get liposuction/sculpture to several areas (hips, inner and outer thighs, possibly back) and am wondering if doing all... READ MORE

Liposuction post op care and expectations. How much leakage can I expect? (Photo)

I will be having liposuction of the hips/love handles, inner/outer thighs, axilary and bra roll. How much leakage can I expect? How long should the leakage last? Do I need any... READ MORE

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Hi there, I had my breast reduction 2 1/2 years ago, had very similar recovery as you. I definitely think you're having hyper sensation, cause was you've described is exactly what I had, I had it on nipples and along my horizontal... READ COMMENT

Love love love, reading your posts :-D. Sounds like things are moving along smoothly and normally. As for the compression/shaping garments, I wish I could help. I got out of mine as quick as possible. The strongest thing I ever wear... READ COMMENT

I just read your story...WOW, you have worked hard and been thru a lot. You have made it thru the other side and are looking FABULOUS and STRONG! You are an inspiration. Congratulations and keep up the the GREAT transformation. Best... READ COMMENT

Girl, I LOVE reading your posts!!! You are funny and informative. I had the no happen with my "girls" (specifically nipples). Sensitivity out the yangers...but it does settle down to a normal level, somewhere between 3-6 months, can't... READ COMMENT

AWESOME Tinymermaid! I sure know how you feel. I weighed 258 before my journey...down to 179...hoping to get to 165, but THRILLED with everything so far. LOVE your bikini. I got my FIRST EVER last summer, woo hoo! Enjoy sweetie,... READ COMMENT