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Makes a Subtle but Beautiful Difference - Vancouver, BC

I tried to ignore it, but there it was: a too-long upper lip that made me not want to look in the mirror without pursing my lips to change the proportion. I'd had a long-scar facelift in my forties and a brow lift in my early fifties and was happy with my face at the age of 56 except for this one thing that wasn't in harmony with my relatively youthful face. Dr. Buonassi's website was... READ MORE

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Hello! Yep, local. Didn't feel a thing. Very calm and still a bit excited to finally be doing it. No need to take anything to relax beforehand. At one week, Polysporin was still mandated over the incision site. Nope, no makeup. You... READ COMMENT

Well, I sure don't know about THAT, but thanks for such a positive comment! I am so happy I had my lip lift - happy every single day I look in the mirror. Best wishes for any procedure you decide to do, lip lift or otherwise. READ COMMENT

Yes, Sarah, it strikes me that way, too, especially when patients from out of town incur significant expense - not to mention spending the precious time - by staying in the surgeon's city waiting around for the sutures to come out.... READ COMMENT

Most interesting. I think that, to get back to the original concern expressed, I did not read at any point that the surgeon provided to his patient the correlation between the formation of small pustules and the use of dissolvables,... READ COMMENT

I think it bears mentioning that the sophisticated hypoallergenic dissolvable polymer suture material is decidedly expensive relative to both of the others and that is why doctors may elect not to use it. My doctor uses it exclusively,... READ COMMENT