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18 Days Post Rhinoplasty and my Facial Expressions Are Frozen, and Smile is Still Pushing Down. I Look Bad, Vey Bad?

I had surgery 18 days ago and if I am not smiling, it looks okay, when I do, my nostrils flare, my bridge is so thin and it just looks terrible. It's like my face is frozen and... READ MORE

I Got Restylane Last Week to Fix a Dent in Nose After Rhinoplasty, and Just Found out I'm Pregnant?

Hi there, I got rhinoplasty last month and ended up with a big indent on the tip of my nose that my doctor injected with Restylane to correct and a little botox between my eyes... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, dent on my nose tip (Photo)

Hi there, after 25 years I finally got my nose done. Thrilled, only days later a dent formed at the tip of my newly done nose. It has been 4 months, and it's still there. It is... READ MORE