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Fraxel Works - You Need CORRECT TYPE of Fraxel

I have done my first fraxel session and I am very pleased. I decided to write a review about fraxel because I see lot of negative reviews here. Do you know that there are 3 (4 actually) different types of fraxel? 1) Re:fine 2a) Re:store 2b) Re:store dual 3) Re:pair. Each machine has different use for different treatment. It is very rare (or even impossible) one doctor to... READ MORE

Bimatoprost (Same As Latisse) in One Week

Info: Male, 29, Europe. Total time of treatment: 1 week I ordered 5 bottles of bimatoprost in an extremely low price. It costed about as 2-2.5 bottle of lattise. I'm using it now for 1 week and I can see I see a BIG difference. In the lower eyelid i had tiny eyelashes and now they are much bigger. And I'm in the 1st week !!!!! AMAZING. I prefer bimatoprost over latisse... READ MORE

Questions from wolfcry

Would You Advise Blepharoplasty for my Tired Eyes?

Although I'm only 29, I have the "tired-eyes" effect which I've had since I was 18. I have to use a concealer to look fresh. I visited a local doctor and I described... READ MORE

Procedure to Lower the Upper Eyelids?

Big space in upper eyelid... too big for a male. Maybe it is good for women but not for me. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I want to ask your opinion on fixing this. Surgical... READ MORE

Isotretinoin (Accutane) Reduces Dark Cicles?

I have done a treatment one year ago. I noticed that after 1 month the dark circles dramatically reduced. I thought it was by sheer accident. This year I started a treatment... READ MORE

Filler in Eye Area First or Chemical Peel?

I'm thinking of having fillers around the eye area, and I also want to have an under eye chemical peel. My question is: what is the right order to do it? Fillers first and then... READ MORE

Why Do Most Surgeons Avoid Revision Surgeries?

When you are not happy with the results then you have to seek a revision-expert surgeon, not a regular one.Many surgeons refuse to revise a surgery and they send you to an... READ MORE

How to Order Multiple Plastic Surgeries?

I'm considering a revision rhinoplasty, a mid-face lifting, a face liposuction and a laser or chemical peel. What is the correct order to perform? I know that rinoplasty... READ MORE

Who is the Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the US?

Although I am from Europe I want to travel to the USA to find the best and most experienced doctor on nose revision. I don't really have a problem in my nose but I... READ MORE

Best Way to Remove Facial Fat?

Hello, I was 155lbs (11% body fat) and now (after 1 year) I am 185lbs (10% body fat). Lot of gym and some steroids helped me to get around 30lbs. My body shape is perfect... READ MORE

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Yes it works for me too :) i love it im a male and people keep saying: wow very nice eyelashes! READ COMMENT

It is exactly 100% the same formula. Please read what doctors say about it here in RealSelf before posting such comments ;) READ COMMENT

I bought it without prescription. Its a company on USA but they ship through India. Smart :) Try something like "buy bimatoprost without prescription" on google. Company name starts from "4". Good luck :) READ COMMENT

How can an eye medicine affect your baby? I'm not a doctor but I don't find any reason to worry. READ COMMENT