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Gingival Recession This Early or Poor Approximation - Orlando, FL

Hi, I had 8 anterior eMax veneers placed by a recommended cosmetic dentist after doing extensive research. I previously had trust my family dentist but was completely uneducated and uninformed and as a result, completely unhappy with the results. I had them replaced. I am thrilled with the new results however, as you can see on the attached picture, my right lateral incisor, either I've had... READ MORE

Questions from feelingsleepyyet

How common is gingival recession after veneer placement? (photo)

Had 8 Emax veneers placed 10 months ago by a referred AACD cosmetic dentist. Since having them placed, noticeably on 2 teeth, I've noticed the tooth neck where the gums have... READ MORE

What can I do about this staining margin one of my veneers? (Photo)

Seems since having the restoration placed over a year ago that seems to be some recession. It's becoming more noticeable. Should I return to the cosmetic dentist who placed... READ MORE

Can a revision be done on otoplasty performed 15 years ago? (Photo)

Had from what the one pic will show is presumably a botched otoplasty 16 years ago. I have this excessive "tissue" in my left ear that my right doesn't have. Now that I'm older... READ MORE

Many years after otoplasty, I have a conchal bowl ridge. (Photo)

As you can see, from the attached photos, I have a conchal bowl ridge from previous otoplasty performed nearly 16 years ago. I've lived with it all of this time and well, it's... READ MORE

Would it be possible to have this conchal ridge from failed otoplasty 16 yrs ago revised and more anesthetically looking?(photo)

Had otoplasty nearly 16 years ago and as you can see in the pictures, I suffered less than optimal results. Ive lived with it nearly my entire adult life and well, now Im... READ MORE

Otoplasty. Consult facial plastic surgeon or general plastics? Need this conchal ridge reduced. (Photo)

Have this conchal ridge from excessive cartilage reduction from an otoplasty done nearly 16 years ago. I'm assuming the plastic surgeon used an older method. This was way... READ MORE

Had otoplasty performed nearly 16 years. Botched. Surgeon performed conchal resection. Left with unilateral conchal ridge?

It's really started to bother me recently. Go figure after nearly 16 years. I've posted in the past and have asked questions before with superb results. Thank you! Thank you!... READ MORE

Conchal ridge from otoplasty nearly 16 years ago. Any suggestions? (photo)

Conchal ridge from otoplasty nearly 16 years ago. I'm in Central Florida. Looking for a qualified board certified plastic surgeon to help me out. It's really starting to bother... READ MORE

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So pretty!!!!! READ COMMENT

Yes. I think but she's amazing READ COMMENT

Hey there. Initially, Paul Skomsky but he had since retired. I now go to Dr. Rebecca Pitts in Lake Mary, Florida. READ COMMENT