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MiXto Caused More Wrinkles and Sagging Skin - San Ramon, CA

I had Mixto laser on my face on August 21st. I have been miserabley itchy for 5 days now. It is the worst itch you could possibly imagine. and the doctor did not tell me this was a side effect, nor is it mentioned in the several pages of information about after care that the office distributes to the patient before hand.I feel like there are little things crawling and biting at my face that... READ MORE

Questions from Birdchirp

Have You Seen CD8 Levels Decrease After Having Three Passes of Fractional CO2?

I read and also was told by a burn specialist that CD 8 levels can go down in burn victims thus causing an increase in CD4/CD8 ratio. Have you tested your patients immune... READ MORE

What is Damaged by Ulthera During the Treatment Process?

What is it that is damaged under the skin during the Ulthera treatment process? READ MORE

Will You Please List the Kinds of Tissue Found in the SMAS Layer?

What are all the different types of tissue found in the SMAS layer? READ MORE

I Am Able to Wiggle my Ears and Also Curl my Tongue, What Does This Say About my Muscles?

If I am able to wiggle my ears does that mean I have most definitely evolved from a monkey? If I hold my ears back with my muscles will it result in improved muscle tone in my... READ MORE

What Percentage of the Time is a Nerve Hit During Ulthera Treatment?

How often is a nerve hit during Ulthera? I heard of a staff member in a doctor's office who's cheek was numb for a few months after having Ulthera. Are nerves and... READ MORE

I Do Resistance Facial Exercises; Will Ulthera Treatment Interfere with Nerve/muscle Response?

I have resumed doing about 30 different resistance facial exercises to increase strength and firmness in many areas of my face I perform a variety of the exercises everday.... READ MORE

Is There a Sensation or Particular Feeling from Collagen Production a Year After CO2?

Does an indivudual feel a particular sensation in the face one year or a year and a half later following a CO2 treatment, as a result of collegen being produced from a CO2... READ MORE

Does Anyone Have Before and 1 Year After Pictures for Full Face Ulthera Patient in 50's?

I'd like to see before and one year after photos for a female Ulthera patient in her 40's or 50's that has had one full face Ulthera treatment and has not had any... READ MORE

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How are you feeling now? Have the shooting nerve pains gone away? Please let us know. READ COMMENT

Where is your sugeon located? what city and state is he or she in? I want to make sure I don't go to that individual. READ COMMENT

I will be posting my professional photos showing all the hair around my hairline that the doctor burned off. He burned hair going back one inch. Incidentally I had a friend present before and during and after the surgery that witnesses... READ COMMENT

I would not recommend Mixto. It has been 6 months now and I have nerve issues in my face. My face still feels tight and burned with the pin prickle sensation. And I have twice as many scares as before the treatment was done. I have not... READ COMMENT

Hello, I had Mixto in San Ramon on august 21, 2009 and had the same experience as you. My skin is all saggy and I have no elastin left at all. I look older. My skin was nice a tight before having the procedure. Now I have saggy jowls... READ COMMENT