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Surgery today! - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm set with Dra. Duran for my BBL. I am excited to have found her and to have read all the fantastic reviews and seen the amazing outcomes in all the Duran Doll's pictures. In addition to getting a BBL I also want to get a breast augmentations, if I can and if it's a good idea, done on the same day. I have looked around for Dra. Duran's BA pictures but haven't had much luck or I didn't really... READ MORE

Calling on the Beautiful Duran Dolls for Help :) - Dominican Republic, DO

I've been doing some research and I'm conviced I'm going to DR to get a BBL done by Dra. Duran. I'm obsessed with her results! She has the most natural looking outcomes and those bodies are to die for! The thing is that I also want to get breast implants and, if possible, I want to get them at the same time as my BBL, but I have not been able to find good BA pictures from Dra. Duran. I have... READ MORE

Questions from vanvanvan

How does getting butt implants affect future gluteal muscle control and growth?

I'm looking into getting butt implants, possibly subfascially but most likely intramuscularly. My main concern is how this will affect muscle growth, control and strength after... READ MORE

Does having multiple liposuction procedures increase risk during surgery?

I'm looking into having a BBL done, which would mean I could be going in for a 3rd round of lipo. (I'm just considering my options and will follow my Dr.'s recommendations if... READ MORE

Will I gain weight in the areas where I had fat transferred after BBL?

I had a BBL in 2013 and was very pleased with my results. My weight increased over the years but the overall hourglass shape of my body never went away. However, I have lost... READ MORE

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Thank you sis! Hang in there, don't put yourself down. Focus on staying healthy, on making your kids happy and saving money here and there. Everything will fall in its place. A man that leaves a woman with children is not a man and you... READ COMMENT

Thank you girl!! Duran is the way to go :), I'm glad you decided to go with her. READ COMMENT

You are looking fabulous!! How are you feeling? Isn't Duran the best ;)? You were so right last week when you commented that I had made the right decision. Best of luck recovering my Duran sister :). READ COMMENT

Thank you :). I'm 5 ft 1 in tall and weighed 126 on surgery day. I may be off here, but I have a gut feeling that Duran speaks some french. I have seen her pepper in some french here and there on her facebook picture posts, I may be... READ COMMENT

Thank you!! I'll be posting pics soon. I'm so happy with Dra. Duran's work :)! READ COMMENT