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I hope yours go away, mine are here to stay, until I get it surgically changed out where they can cut out the scar tissue. It's just a chance we take with implants. Don't worry, yours will get better. Ask your PS what would he do if it... READ COMMENT

Yes you should massage them a lot. Mine are 600cc (I was always large naturally) under the muscle silicone and I have a little contracture on the right one even though I did all the massaging and still do. I don't like it and there are... READ COMMENT

OK I think I get it. It might be where your cut is and the nerves coming back to life are causing sharp pains. When I had the lift and implants there was a lot of cutting and shooting pains all over when the nerves were healing. Thanks READ COMMENT

I have no idea what the ribs have to do with the breasts? They don't cut you there. What did your doctor say about it? What is the reason? My friend had a face lift and when they moved here into recovery, they dropped her and her ribs... READ COMMENT

Vision- Victory Secret is a rip off and a lie. Go to target and buy a $15 sexy bra in the real size you wear. I have 600cc and only wear a D or DD. Do not waste your money and be lied to by VS! READ COMMENT