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There's Hope After Implant Removal - Maryland

After having butt implants for 2 years I made the decision to remove them because they broke twice on the left side & just got saggier as time went on & revisions were taking over my life. It's been a long road & my butt still does not look exactly how I would wish but I haven't gone to a... READ MORE

Before & After Strattice - Maryland

Expensive but worth it. Still very happy with the results a year later. Both before & afters are with the same implants, 650cc's high profile silicone gels. I didn't think silicone rippled but they sure do if you dont have thick skin they'll show right thru so strattice was well worth the cost &... READ MORE

Questions from ArmyWife10507

Rippling After Revision. Please Help? (photo)

Went from 540cc High profile saline to 650cc High Profile silicone & still have rippling. Not as bad as before but still it sucks. I'm 5'4 115 pounds. Was told by my PS to... READ MORE

Butt implants over or under muscle?

I currently have round over the muscle implants but the shape is all wrong for me. When I bend over the implant does not cover my whole butt & looks super fake. It looks great... READ MORE

Can Strattice be added with future surgeries again? (Photo)

After a year & 2 months of living with ripples I finally had them fixed. I have 650cc high profile gel implants & never had ripples like this in my like. You could see the... READ MORE

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I think about at the 3-4 month mark they should both feel softer & you should no longer feel where they attached the Strattice. I'm very happy with mine still, I'm at the 1.5 year post mark. READ COMMENT

Yes I definitely waited, the last thing you want is your incision to open. I started going for walks after 2 weeks just to get moving & I think after a month I was back to spinning & weight training. I don't spin anymore but I really... READ COMMENT

Yes running with implants was not comfortable for me either now I run on the beach all the time. Good luck & I'll be here if you ever need support or have any questions READ COMMENT

You need to use a stool softener every time you go on pain pills. They make you constipated every time :/ READ COMMENT

Are you unhappy with yours? READ COMMENT