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Could running have caused my incision to open? (photo)

I had periareolar breast augmentation exactly 6 weeks ago. I went for a run for the first time today and now my incision is open a few mm, is bloody and there is a stitch... READ MORE

Will my periareolar scars ever fade? (photo)

I had periareolar breast augmentation about 3 months ago and I am so unhappy with my scars. They are very red and there are multiple red dots outside of the areola from the... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about new scar numbness three months post op?

I had breast augmentation three months ago, periareolar. Suddenly within the last week I have numbness in the inferior half of my nipple, and stinging pain in the lateral,... READ MORE

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Good luck today with your surgery! READ COMMENT

Sorry just now saw this question. I am now 13 days post op, and things are settling a little bit. I'm a good full C for sure. It is a little hard to tell because bra shopping is a little difficult at this point because everything is... READ COMMENT

Sorry for all the typos. Phone auto corrected everything lol. READ COMMENT

I wad so so so so so scared of being too big. Like obsessed. I read every article. Asked every friend. Everyone on every blog said they wish they went bigger. Not one person felt they should be went smaller. I'm six days post op and... READ COMMENT