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Questions from lanadelrey11

Is it possible to change my lip shape to this? (photo)

I want to enhance my lips but not look like a trout and end up with lindsay lohan lips which disgust me. What type of surgery is available in canada and what is the cost? The... READ MORE

What permanent fillers are available in Ontario for lip augmentation?

I want to increase the size of my lips since they're very small, and all I hear about is juvaderm which doesnt last very long. I want something permanent and that does not make... READ MORE

What fillers do you think celebrities like Megan Fox and Lana Del rey use for their lips? (photo)

Their lips obviously have gotten bigger and people do suspect them of lip augmentation, but Lana denies it (im a fan of hers hence the username) however her lips do look HUGE,... READ MORE

Can fat transfer/grafting to lips be permanent? I'm from canada and don't know if there are any good doctors to do it.

I live in canada, but where I live, we hardly have any good surgeons, since it's a small town. I want something permanent, and I would do permalips, if I knew where to do them.... READ MORE

Even if Juverderm for lips aren't permanent, or fade, do they at least leave the lips looking a big better?

If it doesn't last very long, does it at least help a bit, permanently? What I mean to say is, even when it's over a year, do the lips look a little bit bigger? Or does it all... READ MORE

Is Volbella permanent or not?

Does it leave any long term results? READ MORE

Is it possible to change my nose shape to this?

I want to get my nose done, since it's too large for my face and theres a hump which I don't like. The tip is also a little fat/bulbous and I want to get it narrowed. Here are... READ MORE

Can I change my nose shape to this? (photo)

In short, my nose is big, has a hump, the tip is bulbous. I want Lana Del Rey's nose. READ MORE

Scared about which surgeon to pick for rhinoplasty?

Hi guys, I posted a question before about the type of nose I want because I would like to get my nose done. Apart from the appearance of it, I have breathing problems too, so I... READ MORE

If you get Juvederm injections, does any of it stay in your lips after the 12 month period?

Or do your lips just go back to where they were? I heard someone say that when she got Juvederm, her lips weren't sucked dry after they dissolved, some was still left in. Also,... READ MORE

Can I be covered for a nose job if my nose was broken and I can't breathe properly?

Four years ago my nose was hit by a basketball that left a noticeable bump on my nose, and since I've been having trouble breathing. It shattered my self-esteem and I want to... READ MORE

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Closest city/town to Canada where I can get permalip implants?

I live near North Dakota, in canada, and because permalip isn't available in canada, I want to know where's the closest place to get them and the price for each size please. READ MORE

Who is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Winnipeg?

I live in wpg Manitoba, and want to know which surgeon is the best for rhinoplasty. We don't have a lot of good surgeons since its a small city, so please help me out, this is... READ MORE

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Noo I don't think they do it because I checked, they don't do permalip only fat transfer which doesn't last very long :( But how did you get that information that they do? READ COMMENT