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Second Revision Rhinoplasty. Only Going to the Best This Time Around - Toronto, ON

I am shopping around to find the best rhinoplasty Dr in Ontario/Quebec. My fist rhinoplasty was roughly 10 years ago, in Toronto, done by Dr. Kane. At first the change made me happy but after a few weeks I noticed that my nose was extremely crooked. After speaking to some of his other patients I discovered that this was a common theme. After about 5 years with my crooked nose I began... READ MORE

First and Only Breast Augmentation - Toronto, ON

Dr. Zorn did a great job! I have never had any issues with the procedure and 13 years later they still look incredible and natural. Just to let everyone know, I am not putting pics up, especially because I had the surgery so many years ago. I don't even have before pics. It's been well over ten years since I had this procedure and my breasts are still in close to perfect condition. My son is... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty and Removal of 8 yr old Malar Cheek Implants-Ottawa, ON

Hi everyone, I am scheduled to have a revision rhino and a fat transfer to my cheeks on Oct 23, 2013. I am having lots of last minute hesitations with respect to the fat transfer. I had my cheek implants done when I was 24 and incredibly stupid. Now 7 years later they have shifted slightly and in my opinion are very uneven. I asked my new DR (not the same DR who performed my cheek implants) to... READ MORE

Questions from NIKKI613

Fat Transfer to Cheeks to Correct Asymmetric 7 Yr Old Cheek Implants or Implant Removal in Addition to Fat Transfer/filler?

I had my cheek implants and buccal pad removal done when I was 24. I am now 31 and want a more natural appearance (one implant has shifted slightly creating noticeable... READ MORE

Will scar tissue in cheeks, 2 years after implant removal, effect accuracy or placement of injectable fillers to cheeks? (photo)

2 years ago I had cheek implants removed. After 6 months we began injecting fillers into my cheeks to make up for the lost volume. I look more natural now but it seems as... READ MORE

Is there any way to ensure that a cheek implant will not migrate? (photos)

Two years ago I had my cheek implants removed due to asymmetry. One had migrated to a higher position than the other. Because of the removal, the side on which the implant... READ MORE

I am looking to elongate my chin, would chin implant or sliding genioplasty be better? (Photo)

I have been told by a local PS that it would not be possible to achieve the results I am looking for through a chin implant. I want to add a considerable amount of vertical... READ MORE

How can my lips be fixed? (Photo)

After years if using fillers what can be done to correct my duck/curled lips? I've used articol in the past (years ago) but since then have only used HA fillers. My lips are... READ MORE

Is there anyway to remove scar tissue from cheek area? One eye is shrinking. (photos)

After having my malar cheek implants removed at 31 (2 years ago) after having them in for 9 years, one of my eyes continues to shrink. Now there is a big difference in the size... READ MORE

Cheek implant revision (malar vs sub-malar)? (photos)

Hi, 2 years ago I had malar cheek implants removed due to migration on 1side. The implants were in place for 8 years. I am now 33. My mid face area is sagging/lacking volume in... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift? (photos)

Hi, I'm interested in the BBL procedure. 10 years ago I underwent lower/mid stomach and inner thigh lipo. As you can see, the procedure was done unevenly resulting in a lot of... READ MORE

For fat transfer to face/cheeks, what technique gives best long lasting results? (Photo)

I am considering a fat transfer to my face. 10 years ago I had my buccal fat pads removed and added cheek implants. Now the implants are gone too. I believe the bast way to add... READ MORE

Is it standard practice to not give a patient their before and after photos? (Photo)

I have a consultation for a revision rhinoplasty, this will be my second revision. The Dr who did my first revision says under no circumstances will I be provided with my... READ MORE

Aside from sliding genioplasty, what other surgical options exist for significant vertical lengthening of chin and jaw? (Photo)

My chin is very short. It is not overly recessed but looks so small with my lips (soon to be reduced) and the rest of my face. I've been told chin implant will not give enough... READ MORE

Is this combination of procedures too much at one time? (Photo)

I am looking to have a number of procedures and I will be travelling 300 miles for surgery. I am having a revision rhino and either a sliding genio or a chin implant by one... READ MORE

Does having a very vertically short chin make jowls more pronounced? (Photo)

My jaw and chin are both very short and small. I have noticed for a number of years that I have prejowls. I am 33, 5'6" and about 130lbs. I should not have jowls due to aging... READ MORE

I am considering multiple facial surgeries. What you you recommend for greater feminization and beauty? (photo)

I am certain about the revision rhinoplasty and a chin implant. What other procedures would you recommend for enhanced beauty and greater feminization? I had malar cheek... READ MORE

Will a lip lift correct duck lips? (photos)

Hello, I am curious to know whether a lip lift would help make my upper duck lip less curved. I still want my lips to be full so keeping the volume is important. I am looking... READ MORE

Will custom cheek implants have a lesser risk of migration and asymmetry as compared to a standard cheek implant? (photo)

I have slightly asymmetric cheeks which are a result of asymmetric cheek implant removal. I want new cheek implants (sub malar this time). Will I have a better chance at... READ MORE

What procedure(s) is advised to correct buccal fat pad removal? (Photo)

Hello, 8 years ago I had my buccal pads removed. Now that I have aged my cheeks look hollow. What procedure would beat restore volume in that area and where on my cheeks should... READ MORE

With so many different types of face lifts which would you recommend for my goal of eliminating my pre-jowls? (photo)

I have always had loose skin around my jaw line. This makes the shape of my face more unattractive. I would like a smooth line running from my chin upwards along my jaw line... READ MORE

Haven't had HA filler injected to cheeks for 3 months but am now very swollen. Could it be collagen pads? (Photo)

After applying collagen eye patches under my eyes my right cheek got very swollen. The affected area is the exact location where I have HA fillers but I have not had any... READ MORE

2 mths after HA fillers in my cheeks, I'm very puffy/lumpy. I think this is water retention secondary to HA filler. Help.(photo)

I have tried every type of HA filler even Voluma. It's 2 months post Restalyn injections in my cheeks and every morning my tear trough area is significantly swollen. It... READ MORE

How can I get rid of water retention/puffiness due to HA fillers in my cheeks? Is dissolving filler my only option? (Photo)

Since having my malar cheek implants removed 2 years ago I have tried every kinds of HA filler incl Voluma to add volume to my deflated cheeks. I am now very puffy and am... READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend for removing this slightly raised scar on my cheek? (Photo)

Years ago I had a mole removed on my cheek. The scar is raised and very obvious. I'd like to either have it removed or minimized significantly. What are my options? What are... READ MORE

Regretting using HA fillers in my cheeks for adding volume. How much hyaluronidaise would I need and what are the risks? (photo)

After removing 8 year old malar implants because one migrated I have been using HA filler to add volume (my cheeks looked totally flat after removal). I've used pretty much all... READ MORE

Does Radisse attract water like HA fillers?

Just wondering what fillers do not attract water? Voluma, Perlane, Juvedurm and Restalyn have all given me bad results due to significant water retention in the local areas... READ MORE

Migrating filler or water retention due to HA fillers in cheeks, how can I find out what the problem is? (photos)

My face looks terrible after using various HA fillers over the last 18 months. I have scar tissue in my cheeks from removing malar implants 2 years ago. How much of an effect... READ MORE

How long will hyaluronidaise continue to dissolve HA filler after injection? (Photo)

Over the last two years I had way too much filler injected into my cheeks. It looked terrible. My Dr injected my cheeks with hyaluronidaise in three separate areas. It is now 2... READ MORE

Random severe swelling 2 months post HA injections and 1 week post Hyaluronidaise injection. What could be causing this? (Photo)

I have had my cheeks injected with HA fillers over the past 2 years. I was unhappy with the results so last week I began having the filler disolved with hyaluronidaise. My... READ MORE

What combination of dermatological procedures would be best to help me? (Photo)

What dermatological procedure or combination thereof would help me with the following goals? 1. Tighten my skin around my cheeks and jaw line 2. Minimize my pores 3. Smooth the... READ MORE

What are the side effects of hyaluronidaise? I am having severe intermittent swelling in injected area! (photos)

I have had a number HA fillers injected to my cheeks over the past 2 yrs. My Dr injecting my cheeks with hyaluronidaise 6 wks ago and 1 wk ago. Since hyla, I have been having... READ MORE

Considering cheek lift and lower face lift to fix sagging cheeks post malar implant removal. What are your opinions? (Photo)

I have sagging cheeks from removing 8 year old malar implants. I have tried many kinds of filler and have been unsuccessful. I am now considering a cheek lift and lower face... READ MORE

What are my surgical options? I had my buccal pads removed and malar implants done 8 yrs ago. Implants removed 2 yrs ago (Photo)

I am beginning to think that the only way to fix my sagging and hollow cheeks and my droopy jaw line is to have a mid/lower face lift. I have tried all kinds of fillers without... READ MORE

Will a Chin implant achieve more vertical length in my chin & a sharper jaw line or do I need a sliding genio surgery? (photo)

I would rather have a chin implant because they are more affordable. But if a chin implant won't give me the look I want I won't go through with it and will do a sliding genio... READ MORE

Can you explain symptoms, treatment and prognosis for biofilm infection of existing malar capsule post malar implant removal?

I have been asking about my intermittently swollen cheeks for months on here. I think I know what the problem is. Since having Voluma injected to my malar area and subsequently... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between hyaluronidaise and compound hyaluronidaise?

I've been having compound hyaluronidaise injected every few weeks into my cheeks b/c they were very overdone with all types of HA fillers. I keep getting severe, random and... READ MORE

Why are my cheeks still full of liquid pockets 2 years post malar implant removal? Is this impeding lymphatic drainage?

Please help! I have been at a loss over the past year as to what could be causing intermittent severe swelling in my cheeks. I have a fair amount of scar tissue present from... READ MORE

What surgery would fix my chin and jaw?

Hi Drs, I have a pretty large underbite and have been wanting to correct my chin/jaw issues for a long time but am unsure what the exact surgery would be. I want to add at... READ MORE

How does scar tissue affect injecting Voluma?

With scar tissue in my cheeks from implant removal, fillers have not been successful. The fillers don't go in the areas that I wanted injected. Does the Dr have to inject... READ MORE

Searching for the right doctor for cheek lift in Ontario. Help please.

Hello I'm 33 and I have scar tissue in my cheeks from implant removal and my left cheek is now sagging. There is unwanted volume/tissue on the bottom half of my left cheek that... READ MORE

What are my options for cheek implants?

Hello, I had malar implants for 8 yrs. Had them removed 2 yrs ago. I've tried fillers for volume and they do not work. I have residual asymmetry in my cheeks and my cheeks are... READ MORE

What is cheek suspension with endotine?

Hello, I am over 2 yrs out from malar implant removal. One cheek is very saggy, I am considering a cheek lift but as I am only 33 I don't want a full mid face lift. What else... READ MORE

Why do I keep getting major fluid build up/swelling in my cheek every few weeks?

I have scar tissue in my cheeks from implant removal 2 yrs ago. I've used fillers and then hyaluronadaise to shrink the filler. I haven't had an injection for months but every... READ MORE

What can be done about fixing a drooping bottom eyelid? (Photo)

Ever since I had malar implants removed, one eye is now a totally different shape than the other. One is tiny and does not open fully at the bottom lid while the other is big... READ MORE

Did Perlane ever make 2.4 cc syringes available in Canada?

Hello Drs, I had Perlane injections about a year ago done by a Dr in Montreal Quebec. She said the company had released 2.4 cc syringes and used one one me for a reasonable... READ MORE

How much training and education do cosmetic surgeons receive in the use of Fillers and how can you know if your Dr has enough?

Hello Drs I'm wondering how much training cosmetic surgeons receive on the proper placement of fillers? Are there courses/certifications or do many Drs, who have not recently... READ MORE

Is the use of an endotine device to resuspend cheeks common when removing 9 yr old malar implants?

What can be done to fix sagging and lack of definition now that the implants have been out for 3 yrs? Fillers do not work. READ MORE

I am considering cheek implants and want a Dr who will use titanium screws. How can I find out without going to consults?

The cheek implants I'm consider will be my second pair. First ones were removed due to shifting 3 years ago. Now I only want implants that are screwed in. I'm looking for a PS... READ MORE

What are the different types of cheek implants and which would be best for me?

I had malar implants removed 3 yrs ago, one had shifted after 7 yrs, the PS did a lot of damage removing the implant on the side that shifted. Now that side is sagging, has 0... READ MORE

CO2 laser combined with mid-face lift and revision rhino?

I am interested in having a co2 laser treatment but cannot afford additional down time as I am having a mid-face lift and revision rhino. Can the laser procedure be combined to... READ MORE

Pain in areas over injected with hyaluronadaise that has continued intermittently for 6 months. Any suggestions? (photo)

My cheeks were over filled with HA fillers 1 year after having malar implants removed. My PS did repeated hyaluronadaise injections each within a week of each other. Approx 8... READ MORE

Is hyaluronadaise ordered from the manufacturer like Botox or Juvederm? Or can it be obtained from a drug store?

My PS has injected my cheeks repeatedly with what u thought was hyaluronadaise. I ended up having adverse effects and was told that the hyaluronadaise did not come from a... READ MORE

How will previous removal of buccal pads impact upcoming fat transfer to cheeks?

Hello, I had my buccal pads removed years ago and am now scheduled to have a face lift and fat transfer to my cheeks. Do buccal pads act as a support for the transplanted fat?... READ MORE

Will getting cheek implants one year after a facelift compromise the face lift result?

I know ideally these procedures should be done in tandem however, if this is not possible is it okay to do the implants one year after the face lift? Thanks READ MORE

Is this an edema under my left eye? If not what is it? (Photos)

2 weeks ago I went to a reputable PS in the US for a tertiary rhino (osteotomy on left side) upper facelift and fat grafting to face, 22cc's total. My swelling has been... READ MORE

How to stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling 7 months post op deep plane FL, FT and revision rhino? (photo)

My cheeks have residual scar tissue from malar implant removal 4 years ago. I went to a reputable PS for a revision rhino (with osteotomy), upper FL and fat graft to temples,... READ MORE

Zygomatic and malar augmentation: implants or coral hydroxyapatite? (Photo)

I have malar hypoplasia. It has been exacerbated by bone erosion due to silicone malar implants that shifted out of pocket. These implants were removed 4 years ago. My cheeks... READ MORE

When choosing a Max Fax surgeon how important is experience of these combinations of procedures?

I'm pretty sure I need bi max or at least my bottom jaw lowered and advanced and my chin given vertical length. My bite is class II (overbite). How common is this kind of... READ MORE

How badly does hyaluronidase degrade natural hyaluronic acid if over injected or injected in area without HA filler?

Many say hyaluronidase (HDase) won't degrade natural connective and fatty tissues but Hdase is an enzyme and its particular function is to do just that. My infraorbital and... READ MORE

7 mo post FL, FT and revision rhino: how to determine whether excess volume in cheeks and NL fold is fat or edema? (photos)

I am 7mo post op from revision rhino, conservative upper FL and fat graft to NL folds, cheeks, under eyes etc. I have bulges and excess volume just superior/lateral to NL fold... READ MORE

What is the timeline for successful microlipo to correct overfill of fat to face?

Hello, I have seen a Drs mention that after a certain amount of time has passed since facial fat grafting the chances of successful microlipo to correct overfill decrease... READ MORE

If upper FL with fat graft to cheeks did not improve medial cheek sagging, will malar implants help? (Photo)

I had silastic malar implants put in at 22 and then removed due to one shifting out of pocket at 32. At removal extra tissue was removed on the shifted side as it had attached... READ MORE

I need help choosing between silicone or Medpore malar/sub malar implants, any suggestions?

I am aware that medpore implants are extremely difficult to remove but aside from that are there any specific indications as to medpore or silicone? Or is it really just down... READ MORE

Discussions started by NIKKI613

I am looking for a revision rhinoplasty specialist to fix a crooked nose and tip (Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City)?

After two unsatisfactory rhinoplasties I am looking for a Dr with serious experience. I have been let down before and am determined to find a good Dr this time. It seems every... READ MORE

Looking for an extremely experienced revision rhinoplasty specialist. Looking for recommendations?

I am willing to travel. I had a revision almost two years ago. The results have significantly altered my appearance and I wish I had never went through with the operation. I... READ MORE

Has anyone had a good experience getting ha injections to cheeks in Ottawa or Gatineau?

Hi I've only been going to one Dr for my ha injections. I'm looking to try someone else but it's so hard to know if they will be able to deliver good results. Anyone have any... READ MORE

Recent comments from NIKKI613

Esthut, did you mention you're getting the implants redone? If so what are the details? READ COMMENT

Thank s. I did have surgery with him in October 2016. I'm glad it went well for you. READ COMMENT

Have you already started designing them? Are you doing just the cheeks or chin too? Also, who is going to do the surgery? Sorry for so many questions. There's never much info and cheek implants let alone cheek implant revision. I'm... READ COMMENT

I think you may be right. I'm leaning towards Dr Niamtu in Virginia. He has tons of cheek implant B/As in his website and does custom silicone implants. My concern with silicone is there may be a problem fixating it to the bone due to... READ COMMENT

Hey, so I got my malar implants when I was 22. They were off the shelf and the Dr did not fixate them. They were made of silicone. A few years later, after my son accidentally head butted me (he was only 2) I didn't know it til years... READ COMMENT