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Brazilian Butt Lift - Good Results

First thing to take into condsideration is that there are other costs just besides what you're paying the surgeon. The garments cost me 200 each and I purchased two and the pr-operative stuff costs me 320 out of pocket because I have no insurance. Also there were the prescription costs which was around 200 dollars.That being said I picked a really great surgeon, he was awesome very friendly... READ MORE

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Treatment for Tear Troughs and Thin Undereye Skin?

I went to a doctor out of town for correction of my tear troughs, he told me that since I had such thin skin underneath my eyes, Restylane might not work well, and find... READ MORE

Which Should I Do First, Braces or Veneers?

I feel like my two front teeth need to be smaller. The orthodontist said she would be pushing them back up into the gums so they wouldn't look so large after my braces came off... READ MORE

Swelling After Brazilian Butt Lift

I had brazilian butt agumentation 2months ago. A week after seeing my results I was happy I lpved my waist and hips because my waist was so tiny. I never really had much... READ MORE

Brusing After Prevelle or Tyndall Effect?

Hi, I had prevelle silk injected into the tear trough areas under my eyes, and it has only been two days since, the doctor said that I would have some brusing, but I feel like... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have Tear Troughs After Almost a Whole Syringe of Prevelle?

I had prevelle injected into my "tear trough" area almost a week ago, I still have some light brusing and really no difference, it looks just the same as before, I... READ MORE

Can Stretch Marks Be Surgically Removed?

I have recently within the last two years started developing stretch marks on my upper outer thigh. I was thinking about how in a tummy tuck the doctor removes most of the... READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Big Front Teeth?

Hi, I guess I'm just looking for some professional opinions. I recently got my braces off. The main concern I had when I went to get them on was that my two front teeth... READ MORE

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Hey girl you look great! I know it's hard not to nit pick every little thing but I honestly didn't really start liking and seeing permanent results until about 9 months post just give it time. I will say that I feel like more... READ COMMENT

The pics are posted! I also looked at your resutls and you look amazing! I wish you a speedy recovery and happy holidays! READ COMMENT

Hi! Everything looks good now, I said in a comment above that I also felt like mine wasn't big enough too. I had surgery with Dr. Mendieta twice actually once in December 2009 and then a second time in October 2010. After my second... READ COMMENT

Everything looks good. I have gained weight to try to get a little more curvy because after the surgery and then the same surgery a second time a year later I had lost a good amount of weight and I didn't like being so thin. READ COMMENT

Yes it did!I actually had two surgeries, I haven't updated about the second time so I will you can read about it up at the top. READ COMMENT