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Laser Resurfacing After a Facelift 10 Months Ago - Minneapolis, MN

Very deep wrinkles ariund my mouth that required more than a fraxel laser treatment. I had a co2/ erbium laser that has the most downtime, but best results. I did not want to go through this and only get minimal results. I consulted with several people who had this procedure done and were very happy. I just had this done today, so couldn't really rate if I felt it was worth it. But I trust... READ MORE

Where to Begin...big Decision - Minneapolis, MN

I went in for a free consultation as I was thinking maybe facial resurfacing would help my 'signs of aging'. When the Dr. met with me he said I needed 'much more' than that if I wanted to see any great improvement. His suggestion was a full facelift, eyes, and forehead, followed by the deep CO2 resurfacing a year later. I left shocked and depressed. Progress through months after... READ MORE

Questions from Ckiesch

Is it recommended to have a full facelift if only the bottom half concerns you? Would fat transfers be beneficial? (photo)

I am 63 years old and am confused exactly what procedures would be most beneficial. Every PS I consult with has a different idea while I'm trying to keep my cost around $10,000... READ MORE

PS consultations all offer different advice. What do you think would be my best option? (photo)

Confused on Litelift vs. SMAS. Also, is it necessary to have upper part of face done if most wrinkles are on lower portion? Consultations with several PS in Mpls and all give... READ MORE

What are most beneficial (and cost effective) procedures to have done to improve my wrinkled Irish skin? (photo)

I am 63 and have heard that fat grafting only 'takes' about 35% of the time in older people. I don't want to pay thousands of dollars for something that is not permanent. Will... READ MORE

Fat grafting - is it worth it? In a facelift is it possible to move the fat that has 'fallen' back to its original location?

I've seen it mentioned several times on that fat grafting is unpredictable and is not always permanent. $4000 seems like a significant amount to pay for a... READ MORE

How often are composite facelifts done versus traditional. Is deep plane another type? (photo)

The doctor on realself who promoted it made it sound much better than the traditional facelift, so I'm curious what method you guys use. It's the first time I've heard of it... READ MORE

I've had a couple of doctors tell me I'm not a good candidate. I am 63. Does my age have anything to do with it?

Does my age have anything to do with it? I don't want to go to the expense of having it done if it might not work. One of the doctors that told me he wouldn't do it was Dr.... READ MORE

How worthwhile are chemical peels by a plastic surgeon for deep wrinkles? (photo)

I'm 63 and have deep wrinkles around my lips and mouth and have been told fractionated lasers will not be beneficial. Any ideas? READ MORE

Would you have fat grafting used on your face to restore volume? (photo)

I am 63, and most of you who responded to my previous photo said I definitely need a that's a given. But I get varying responses as far as fat grafting to help... READ MORE

Using a CO2 fractionated laser, could more 'passes' be made over the deep wrinkles to give better results? (photo)

I am hesitant to have the traditional CO2 laser used on my face even though I have been told that it is required for the wrinkles around my mouth. Seems if you go over the area... READ MORE

I have severe wrinkles around my mouth area. What's the best treatment? (Photo)

I was wondering what would be the best procedure to deal with the severe wrinkles around my mouth areas. I was considering facial resurfacing but know a couple people who have... READ MORE

My PS has a third generation combination CO2/Erbium YAG laser. Are my concerns about hyperpigmentation valid? (Photo)

I had a facelift 8 months ago. Now I need to have the resurfacing to help with the deep lines around my mouth, which is what bothered me in the first place. My PS has a third... READ MORE

What is Ultherapy? What other treatments is it similar to?

Is Ultherapy worth the money and what other treatment is it similar to...facelift? Resurfacing? Themage? I've had a facelift and skin resurfacing this year, but see this... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a 2nd resurfacing done? (photos)

I am 65 years old. I had a facelift 2 years ago and ablative CO2 resurfacing done a year ago. I still have significant lines around my mouth area. I was told the wrinkles were... READ MORE

Phenol Peel for wrinkles? (photo)

I am 65 years old and had a facelift 2 years ago and a full face CO2 laser resurfacing ( under anesthesia) a year ago.However, I was told this could not eliminate the very deep... READ MORE

Why are you supposed to let your skin dry completely after you wash it before applying the Retin A? (Photo)

Why are you supposed to let your skin dry completely ( like for half an hour) after you wash it BEFORE applying the Retin A? I do it....but not sure the reason. READ MORE

Discussions started by Ckiesch

Has anyone had just a facelift on the lower portion of face without brow lift, eyes or forehead?

Does it look odd to not have the facelift on the entire face? My doctor suggested the entire face but I'm thinking that seems very extreme. I am 63. READ MORE

Recent comments from Ckiesch

I had a very deep CO2 laser resurfacing done a year ago. My doctor won't even consider doing this treatment unless the patient is totally asleep. He said it is impossible to get the best results if the patient is writhing in pain. It... READ COMMENT

I wondered about that as well since you have to have your skin completely dry when you apply the Retin A. READ COMMENT

I use the 1% and have used it for years. I have fair Irish skin and have not had any issues. But my sister cannot tolerate the 1% as it is too strong for her skin. But if you've worked your way up your skin should tolerate it. I use the... READ COMMENT

What kind of laser resurfacing did they use? I had a co2 laser resurfacing for wrinkles but I have very deep wrinkles around my mouth and they are about 50% better, but not gone. READ COMMENT

Anxious to hear how it goes .good Luck. I've had a facelift 2 years ago and co2 laser resurfacing last year. Considering a phenol peel to get rid of a few more wrinkles. READ COMMENT