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Switched to Robles!!!! TT, Full back, waist and sides lipo Dominican Republic, DO

I am 28 and been wanting a tummy tuck forever then came across bbl... So now I want the works!!! I am in the navy and I work hard I want a perfect body and Duran is going to save me!!! I am Waiting for a reply to my email!!! ASAP!!!!! I need my date so I can take leave from work!!!! Anyone knows a fast way to get in touch with her!!! Any one speak to her recently Has any plus size girls .... READ MORE

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I had surgery in the Dominican Republic and am looking for a post op care doctor near Norwich CT area?

I had surgery overe seas. I had a tummy tuck and lipo of my sides and back. And I am trying to find a dr that will see me post op to make sure in healing ok. I am 3 weeks post... READ MORE

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I need a good Nurse in DR and the best Lymp masseuse? Help ladies?

Ok so i have been struggling to find a good recovery house!!! i have secured my stay for two weeks at domingas ... but been hearing mixed reviews now!!! to be safe i want... READ MORE

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I didn't stay at virginas !! Some say its good some say they didn't like!!!! READ COMMENT

Hey friend !!! I was wondering how u been doing !! This is ur cell mate from domingas!!! I am happy ur results are looking good READ COMMENT

Thank u !!! Yes the swelling was the worst the first month !!! I even went to a dr cause I thought something wa wrong!!! He said I had a lot if fat removed so it will take time!!! Today my belly is so much flatter!!!! Still swollen but... READ COMMENT

I am u home with ur family!!! Ur story angers me!!!! I am so sorry for what u been through!! I hope u heal and and every day become more and more like ur self!!!! And the in professionalism of ur dr assistant is just !!!! No words!!! I... READ COMMENT